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Purposeofpain California
I am a young wife and mother. On the outside I look like anyone else, but on the inside I am very... More
oddity California
I am a 21 year old female college student, applying to graduate schools this winter.I'm an... More
I have been dealing with pain "down there" for about 8 years now. I went to many... More
cora story Wisconsin
I have had chronic pelvic pain for the past four years. As a registered nurse and someone who... More

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Ending Male Pelvic Pain – A New Book For Men With IC, Pelvic Pain & Prostatitis by Jill O. Patient ExpertHealth Impact Award groundbreaking book in the treatment of pelvic pain. Ending Male Pelvic Pain: A Man’s Guide is the ultimate self-help guide for men suffering from prostatitis, recovering from prostatectomy or living with pelvic or...
bedtime reading: End stage renal disease in the US: an update from the US renal data system by Dr. Donal O'Donoghue Patient Expert JASN, October 2007 Vol 18, No 10 End-Stage Renal Disease in the United States: An Update from the United States Renal Data System Robert N Foley and Allan J Collins Shows modest in survival...
It depends on how bad the fracture is. If the pieces are normally lined up and the animal is otherwise healthy, then limiting the animal's activity by keeping the animal in a crate or cage until the fracture is healed will wo
.  In other words, I'm still struggling to figure out what made you measure your anterior pelvic tilt.  If your hip... for the hip pain, rather than decreasing your anterior pelvic tilt.  Good luck!...
renal failure, and I am struggling with the same questions you all have. Star is 14, bright-eyed... old Pointer/Spaniel/Jack Russell mix, was diagnosed with Renal Failure yesterday - I adopted...
Most infections in the urinary system are centered in the urinary bladder, but the next most common source would be the kidneys.  Since your veterinarian has called this a "renal"  infection...
These could be caused by insect bites, an allergic responce (i.e., hives), or an infection of some sort.
/you.  If you're hurting and noticeably so during a pelvic exam, then everything can't look "good" and you can't...
These circular, pink sores could be the result of flea bites.  They could also be a form of ringworm--a skin fungus in the dog.  If they haven't disappeared or at least gotten somewhat smaller in a few days, you should have
How Constipation Worsens Pelvic Pain by Bonnie B. Patient Expert with pelvic pain, constipation is no laughing matter. Recently, my issues with constipation gave me a terrible... in chronic pelvic pain. It can cause a woman’s existing chronic pelvic pain to flare or it can be the root...

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