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Alice V. Johannesburg, ZA
I am a 23 year old with Cystic Fibrosis. However in january of this year I underwent a bi-lateral... More
slimminsam California
I started this journey in December as a 419lb man with limited hope and no plan. I knew what I... More
busydadhealth California
My name is Gustavo, the dad behind BusyDadHealth.  For most of my adult life, I’ve... More
S J. San Mateo, California
I am from India. I had been a part of the Advertising industry but having gotten tired of meeting... More
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What you are describing could be caused by several conditions.  The 2 really important points you mentioned are the "struggling to breathe consistently" and that your dog is 10 years old. With that recipe...
The answer is probably more complicated than I can give, but two things come to mind. Dehydration and doing too much. The strenous workout may be more than she can handle at this time. Suggest that she reduce the intensity of
15 Clever Things To Know About Your Breathing: by Carole F. Patient Expert and upset away from you. Short, quick, shallow breathes will bring any stress and drama closer... habits influence the flow of your day:Jerky, shallow, fast, constricted or tight breathing reflects...
20 Best Bad Breath Remedies by Carolin K. Patient ExpertComplimentary & Alternative Medicine . However there are tons of home remedies to get rid of the problem. Here are the best home remedies to cure bad breath... of bad breath with home remedies in this video. Image by ValtheKid Related reading: ...
Home Remedies For Gum Disease And Bad Breath by Len S. Patient Expert “Home Remedies For Gum Disease And Bad Breath,” a new report created by Kathy Miller... Remedies For Gum Disease And Bad Breath is a good report that helps readers understand more about their gum...
Herbal Remedies: Rootology Breath Free Nasal, Sinus, & Eye Health by Jennifer Lance Patient Expert up with herbal remedies.  Now that my daughter is over twelve-years-old, she reaches for the adult herbal remedies we keep. Even though our school exposure to human germs is winding down, pollens, wildfire smoke...
6 Quick Bad Breath Remedies You Can Use When You Eat Out by Healthy Living .. Patient Expert . In order to get rid of this problem, you will need to know about a few bad breath remedies... in the supermarket. Fenugreek is another herb remedy for removing bad breath. This is an herb that you can drink...
Remedies To Cure Bad Breath by Lucy J. Patient Expert with a loved one and even the taste of your food. Bad breath remedies are available for those who want to cure... to visit a doctor about this problem, here are some bad breath remedies that you can use at home to help...
Remedies To Cure Bad Breath by Lucy J. Patient Expert the taste of your food. Bad breath remedies are available for those who want to […] ... Having bad breath can pose a lot of embarrassing problems for anyone. When you have bad breath
Cheap Safe Remedies: Oatmeal (Cholesterol) & Deep Breathing (Blood Pressure) by Seth Roberts .. Doctor of Philosophy believed in always trying the gentlest and simplest remedies before resorting to anything as drastic... my blood pressure myself, through breathing exercises. A friend who is into alternative medicine had told...

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Treatment ... s, including yoga and the Buteyko method (a technique involving shallow breathing), and dietary supplements. Howeve ... » Read on
Symptoms ... hild may develop: rapid or shallow breathing, a rasping and persistent ... » Read on