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i am having the same problem my period is 4 days late and i took a test this afternoon... but what did your second test say? the test is faulty and you should take another...   there may just not be enough dye
it could've been a chemical pregnancy or blighted ovum..both would produce hCG but not for very long.   There really isn't much I can offer as far as info goes- the best theory
A pregnancy test should not be read after 10 mins max because the results are not accurate after that point. If she got two positive tests inside of 5 minutes then I would go with pregnant
It isn't true- there is a minimum but no max to urine tests. If the test said negative then there isn't any hCG in your system and you are not pregnant
for a blood test to determine how far along you are. Take care! ...
Positive Pregnancy Test! by Sheridan Ripley Patient Expert Look what I have! For the 52 Week Organizing Challenge this week I cleaned out our Master Bathroom. So before my Mom freaks our or my friends faint, let me say, This is the pregnancy test...
Testicular Cancer May Cause Positive Pregnancy Test Results by Robyn Nazar, RN BSN may cause a false positive pregnancy test for males. Testicular cancer causes the production of the chemical... a pregnancy test to give a positive result when coming in contact the urine of a man with testicular cancer...
I took 2 at home pregnancy's and both were positive. Thursday I started bleeding so I went... that did the qualitative test and they said anything over 25 Imu is positive. Very perplexing.  Yes, the tests...
and would give a positive result on home pregnancy tests.  Have you ever been tested for endo or perhaps even PCOS... now. However, I am also having pains in my sides where my ovaries are. Is this normal? I too have taken pregnancy tests...
Why the HCG blood test is better than a home urine pregnancy test by Dr. Aniruddha M. Medical Doctor Blood tests for checking the beta HCG level are better than home urine pregnancy tests... of less than 10 mIU/ml) can reliably rule out a pregnancy with 100% accuracy. Urine tests are not...

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Treatment ... ts of the body to restore health, homeopathy - which uses remedies made from ingredients such as plants and minerals, to s ... » Read on
Diagnosis ... If you suspect that you are pregnant, or have taken a home pregnancy test which confirms that you are pregnant, you should ... » Read on