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Good Home Remedies for an Itchy Scalp by Methods of Healing Patient ExpertComplimentary & Alternative Medicine as well. Some of them will need medical treatment but you might want to try a few good home remedies for itchy scalps first. Good Home Remedies for an Itchy Scalp due to Dandruff Dandruff...
There are natural remedies out there for both neck and low back pain. Here are some natural remedies for both: - chiropractic treatment - massage therapy - acupuncture - use an orthopedic neck...
Dear Karen,  There are lots of things that you can do at home naturally for neck and back pain. Here are a few suggestions. 1. Do simple neck and back stretches at home. Make sure to hold the stretch
Typically the lump many refer to is where your7th cervical vertebrae sticks....  When this gets irritated you can get some local pain and even inflammation.  Neck exercises such as head...
Hmmm . . . off the top of my head, I can't explain the two.  However, an overactive thyroid (as evidenced by a lump, but not usually over your jugular vein) can cause diarrhea (along with out symptoms...
Your description is much too general to give you a specific answer.  However, is there a chance these "bumps" were the result of a dog bite?  If so, you should have her examined for any infection or damage that may have pene
Thanks for your comment! Hello and thank you for sharing your concerns. You do not say how long you have been experiencing this problem but it is very important that you now seek advice from your doctor to eliminate any poss
The best home remedy for pinched nerve on neck by Healthy Living .. Patient Expert nerve on neck is the best and a relatively easy remedy. We will first have a look at what this ailment... food rich in minerals and vitamins are some of the home remedies for pinched nerve on neck. Eating...
Home Remedies For Neck Pain by Len S. Patient Expert A new “16 home remedies for neck pain” article on the website instructs people how to eliminate neck pain quickly. The new “16 home remedies for neck pain” article on the site...
Lump in the breast… crap, fixing my sleep and 3 Littmanns on my neck :D… pu by Strapples Patient Expert ”, the one thats abnormally large. Well it has a huge golf ball sized lump in it so we are making an urgent... my Littmann and wrap it around my neck and relax with the smooth warmth on my cheek and lips around 12:30ish...

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Symptoms ... ncer develops very slowly. The first sign is usually a painless lump in the neck, which gradually increases in size. ... » Read on
Diagnosis ... examination, your doctor will not be able to tell whether your lump is cancerous or not. However, your doctor will arrange for ... » Read on