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Red Sore On Inner Thigh

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My real name is Jean, and I am a female, age 56.  I live in northeast Ohio, and I am... More
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?  Any possibility that these are mosquito or ant bites?  Are the red bumps where you shave?  Perhaps this is razor...
more likely describe the red spots as blisters.  Localized pockets of infection could also make the leg sore...Salt & mineral imbalance can lead to muscle soreness & cramping.  Prolonged endurance-type exercise...
for a diagnosis and possible treatment.  The list of possibilities is vast.  If you're describing red spots... infection of hair follicles.  If you have (had) a sexual partner and you're describing sore spots...
Hi SweetShannon: I can't see that one thing could lead to another in this. The discovery of the sore spot just happen to be when you pulled down your pants. The depro shots have got risks associated...
Hi: First off: The cooking didn't have anything to do with this. I investigated and found many things it could be including just a simple pulled muscle. If the pain and soreness remains after 2 weeks...
Sorry but I'm having a difficult picturing a red bump.  It might be an ingrown hair or it might be a sexually transmitted infection, especially if you're itchy.  Since you're worried, it's best to go see
Treatment may be dependant on cause. If this rash is in the groin (the folds of the skin) it may be due to costant wetness. In that case use powder and hydrocortisone. If it is down on the dry areas of skin, use lubricants an
Lots of Ways to Combat Massive Soreness by Rachel M. Patient Expert CrossFit workout yesterday.    Argggggg!!  So so so so sore.  The 100 Squats done as fast as possible... soreness– Recoverrite, Ice Baths, Massage, Foam Roller (maybe), Hydrating, Yoga, Epsom Salt Baths...
that runs down the inner thigh to the inner knee.  Tightness in the inner thigh muscles..., ITB/outer quad, and adductors/inner thigh. That's about the best I can do.  Hope that helps a little...
The chances of you having breast cancer are smaller than you can even imagine.  It is completely normal for you to have changes in your breasts during your periods. If it is still there about a week after your cancer then tal

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