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Green Children’s Literature: Love is the Color of a Rainbow by Jennifer Lance Patient Expert of a mother explaining the colors of one of the most wondrous natural events to her blind daughter.  This book...?  After feeling a snail shell for the shape of rainbow, each color is felt by mother and child.  Tomatoes are red...
Fascinating new article in Nature: 'Gene therapy for redgreen colour blindness in adult primates' by Gualtiero P. Patient Expert unless administered to the very young. However, here we show that the addition of a third opsin in adult redgreen...
I think you need to take your dog to an ophthalmologist. That discharge can be indicative of infection.
Breaded Jerk Tempeh with Coconut Milk, Baby Red Beet "Greens" ("Reds"?) and Roots by Dilip B. Patient Expert red beets with greens (which are even more nutritious than the roots!) intact, as well as green beans..., they were a deep red color, so -- "reds"?!). I served with just a little salt. For the main dish, I cut up pieces...
Scientists Find a Cure For Colour Blindness by Nick B. Patient Expert for the development of therapies for human cone diseases that really are blinding.” People with red-green colour blindness do not have the ability to tell colours apart that are in the green-red-yellow spectrum. Simple...
Seeing pink makes me see red by The Savvy Sister Registered NurseHealth Maven …but it makes big corporate sponsors see green. I was never fond of pink.  Even dressing up as a little girl, pink just wasn’t my color. As most of you are “aware”, breast cancer awareness month...
Why did the Celery in the Pop-A-Green turn red? by Robin P. Patient ExpertHealth Maven It saw the salad dressing. Meet the Pops Seriously, the Pop a green and Pop a purple are what Whole Food Nation makes. It's a whole food multivitamin. See them here, Pop a green and Pop a purple...
Biotech is red, blue, white and green — now also in black — what about magenta? by Thomas S. Patient Expert Pundits discuss biotech applications in terms of different colours. Red biotech is a metonym... ). Blue stands for aquatic uses, and the green variety is for agriculture and envionmental uses...
Red, green, blue, yellow, orange, pink by Jennifer Patient Expert at least some sign for me as to what I should do next) had colored globe lights for sale. They perfectly...
Sunday red and green by david hamilton Patient Expert The Candy pink Fuschia rescued from wilkos bargain (half dead) plant shelf, with the Peperomia. Love the contrest between the foliage and the pots.. Time to leave for work.Hope all your sundays are restful, and your g

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Introduction ... known as 'cones', and are able to process three primary colors: red, green and blue. Using these primary colors, the cone cells ... » Read on
Causes ... your eyes being able to distinguish between three main colors: red, blue and green. When light enters your eye it passes throug ... » Read on