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Red Dots On The Mouth Membranes

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for a diagnosis and possible treatment.  The list of possibilities is vast.  If you're describing red spots on the (dry) skin and not mucous membranes (the moist skin), then it could be as benign as folliculitis or...
Ruby Red Lips. by Jane .. Patient Expert Really, anyone can wear red! And since red is such a fashion color, even in summer, be brave and find the right shade for you. If you have warm undertones like me, a blue red will make you look as if you’re...
Hay  My back of my month and my last molar are red and bleed when bushing. But the problem... and my back of my month is red. Help please    It sounds as if you have a localized inflammation...
membranes, the moist tissues of mouth, nose, eyes, vulva/prepuce, and anus). Pemphigus vulgaris... days ago started putting cortisone cream on it as well.  This morning I also noticed a bit of redness...
You need to have this condition IMMEDIATELY examined by a physician or dentist.  "red spots on roof of mouth" is not enough info to make an accurate diagnosis.  Don't trivialize this condition
Phytanic Acid (Red Meat, Dairy, Seafood): Binds PPAR-α and RXR by Dr. B G Doctor of Pharmacy acid (PA), a fatty acid found in red meat, dairy fat, and seafood which has activity on receptors... and communicators (cell membrane stability and communication: omega-3 vitamins A B D E K2 thyroid cortisol estrogen...
Coping with Cold Sores (Fever Blisters) by Meredy Registered NurseHealth Maven Aren't the Same Cold sores usually appear on the lip; canker sores affect the inside of the mouth. Canker... generally herald their arrival with a warning period of red, irritated skin. Blisters form, rupture...
IBD by nitinsyal Patient Expert of the gastrointestinal tract from the mouth to the anus. Although ulcerative colitis and Crohn disease have significant... can be used and is dosed based on the table in the package insert, with a maximum of 30 mL (1500 mg) at once. Red blood...
The Right Way to Wear Lip Color by Take Root and Write .. Patient Expert because they are not sure which colors will look good and they don't want to end up with ruby red lips that will leave... come in all different colors - red, yellow, brown, black, white and even pinkish (is that a word) - which is one reason...
Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) by Dr. Anshu Gupta Patient Expert also may affect the mouth, esophagus, stomach, duodenum, appendix, or anus. Crohn's disease is a chronic... may be serious and persistent, leading to anemia (low red blood cell count). Children may suffer delayed...

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Symptoms ... sore throat, small flat or raised red spots in the mouth, throat, and skin. g ... » Read on
What it is used for ... n tablet form for hay fever and other allergies, antihistamines reduce itching of the nose and eyes, a runny nose and watering e ... » Read on