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Recurring Numb Lips

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Rosephoycel California
It is very, very good. We'll keep a stiff upper lip. In spite of that, if you actually imagine... More
Kim F. North East, Pennsylvania
Somewhere around November 18th or 19th of 2007, I started feeling what I thought were Carpal... More
Jenny LA, California
Hey all, I came across this community long ago while trying to find some answers and hoped that... More
Rita The Giggly Bits Edmonton, CA
Is it possible to finally get healthy after a lifetime of overeating and never... More

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My advice would be to not trivialize this complication.  You should see your surgeon on an urgency basis, as soon as possible to have this treated.  You should stop biting your lip and causing the trauma
How long did the numbness last for you? I just recently started having the same symtoms. It has been along time since dentist. Thanks for the answer! I would go see your doctor. I am wondering how long it's...
Sometimes the swelling of healing will cause a pressure that temporarily interferes with sensation traveling through the surgery site.  Call you surgeon and ask if you should come in for a post-operative observation. Good L
then, the antivirals (not antibiotics) will only shorten the expected duration by a day or so.  Topical numbing agents...
accident (stroke), or a growing mass (tumor), the signs would most likely keep recurring. Yes, I agree...
. Do you have a regular family doctor?  You might need a referral to a neurologist to look into this recurring numbness...
! Did she bite the inside of her mouth while it was numb? My 5-year-old daughter did that. She was playing...
Looks Like Shingles... OUCH! by Sandy Patient Expert better.. although I felt a numbness. I thought it was the chamomile drops numbing my ear or... of my post is that at the time I was using the ear drops, I assumed the drops were causing the numbness...
Symptomatology: Itching by Mia A. Registered Nurse ointment 5% which numbs the surface of the skin. -Sarna lotion, which is Camphor 0.5% and Menthol 0.5...
A stiff-upper-lip kind of man by Sarah Reed Healthy Living Professional after. And like many of his generation, he was a stiff-upper-lip kind of man. Later on, he was more accepting of the situation.... But then at other times, he clearly felt utterly overwhelmed by sadness and anger, numb even. I noticed his resentment...

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