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Recurring Dark Stool

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Thank you Meredy.... I just went to the dr this morning....  he says I have a minor infection in the stomach and gave me MORE ANTIBIOTICS and something for acid influx..... and to take lots of water and fiber..... lets see wh
It could  be that your cat ate something, such as a toy, that had a dark dye in it. However, bleeding that occurs high up in the intestinal track can also result in black stool...
This is not good because black stools often indicate that the animal is bleeding internally. I suggest you have your cat examined by your veterinarain as soon as possible.
tract. One possibility is that the black you saw in her stool was from bleeding somewhere in the part... and then began eating right away, it's also possible that that hard "stool" she past was actually something she'd...
There is a recurring theme around here and I don't think I like it.... by Helene Patient Expert in my head. Clearly, I have gone to the dark know that's happened when you're in the car... never coming back from the dark side when you're singing along with the music....and you know ALL the words...
Shedding Light on the Darkness of Depression by Nancie .. Patient Expert on the Darkness of Depression by John H. Timmerman John H. Timmerman is professor of English at Calvin College... moments it slips people its dark poison. One scarcely notices the initial sting. Slowly, insidiously...
A man, a stool and the number four..... by Sean B. Patient Expert . As soon as I started pumping gas, a young man with dark curly hair, short in stature, emerges from the mini-mart, donning a Chevron shirt, no doubt an employee. In his right hand was a step stool and in the other hand...
Occupy the American Psychiatric Association In A Darker Dark Age by Kim S. Patient Expert explain a few dark nights of the soul and monumental success in those roles could not prove someone fully... rather than normal reactions to an increasingly authoritarian society... In an earlier dark age, authoritarian...
Deep Dark Fantasy Man by Gillette .. Patient Expert . He told me he had recurring fantasies of me MAKING him line up my three daugthers and whipping... of to get his needs met and do no harm. Most of us have some deep dark secret fantasies that we won't share...
Please don't do this! by Paul L. Healthy Living Professional An article by Melena Ryzik in today’s New York Times, “ Turn on (MP3s), Tune In and Ride ,” presents the concept of expanding the “communal understanding about the pleasures of navigating the urban landscape” by having a “g

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Symptoms ... blood in your stools , particularly if the blood appears dark in color, mucus in ... » Read on
Symptoms ... An anal fissure causes severe and sharp pain when you pass stools. Once this sharp pain has passed, it is normally replaced ... » Read on