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Rectovaginal Exam

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sharonstreom3546 California
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Dr. Carrie Mesa, Arizona
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Strapples Palatine, Illinois
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Nanci C. Stanford, California
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okieblokie Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
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how a transfusion would affect the numbers it was 150 before and 1 day after the exam it was 90 the only spotting was before exam.I was on meds and had a blood transfusion the day of exam also,could that have altered...
You may find this site useful, neeli: If you have any specific questions please ask. Best wished Ian
Amoebiasis can range from mild diarrhea to dysentery.  It can cause cysts in your liver.  I would've expected more white blood cells (WBC) in your stool if you were infected.  Likewise, I wonder what made your doctor comment
Probably nothing.  More importantly, why was your stool being checked?  Best to go ask the health care provider who ordered the test how s/he would interpret it.  But in the meantime, 0-1 is typically considered normal.  Good
Annual Physical Exam: Unneeded Expense? - Disease Prevention and Wellness Information to Improve Your Health on by Dr. Aniruddha M. Medical Doctor Annual Physical Exam: Unneeded Expense? - Disease Prevention and Wellness Information to Improve Your Health on "An annual physical exam is a tradition for many U.S. adults, but it is not...
Lessons From the Bedside Exam ... by Dr. Rubens D. Medical Doctor Lessons From the Bedside Exam By PAULINE W. CHEN, M.D. 13 feb 2009--Over the last year... students about the importance of the physical exam, or what he refers to as “bedside skills,” in modern...
What to Study when taking the Jurisprudence Exam by Taralynn M. Registered Nurse I have not heard from anyone who has taken the exam, so I am giving this information based on what I know about the exam. My understanding is that it is a review of Texas Board of Nursing laws...
“how to fool a neuropsych exam by Broken Brilliant Patient Expert To whomever found this blog by Googling ”how to fool a neuropsych exam” yesterday: Dude, you’re wrecking things for the rest of us. Cheating on a neuropsych exam (NPA) is no laughing matter, and given...
Percussion of the Thorax during physical exam: some comments by Dr. Gemzel H. Medical Doctor maneuver during physical exam of symptomatic respiratory patients. It completes the auscultation...

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