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I am a Certified Consulting Hypnotist and member in excellent standing with the National Guild of... More
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Granted most Organa Slim stuff deserves to be criticized. In this installment, I'm going to... More
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My name is Renee Gibson in my profile picture I am the girl on the left, the girl on the right is... More
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  Ibuprofen can cause side effects that impact the eyes (causing damage to the retina) including cataracts, dry eyes and retinal hemorrhages.   Please be careful when talking ibuprofen.  Taking too much can cause nausea,
It could be a response to trauma such as a blow to the head on that side or something else--infection, pressure caused by a mass--on that side. Sometimes dogs who are sleeping under tables may hit their heads if awakened sudd
Reasonable Suspicion for Drug Abuse by Anthony R. Patient Expert , tremors, jitters • Poor coordination • Dilated or pin point pupils Paraphernalia Indicators... Center lists some indicators for “reasonable suspicion” of drug use by an employee. She categorized...
In dilated cardiomyopathy which chamber dilates first ? by Dr. Sangareddi V. Medical Doctor on the  burden to  to LA which  faces the music. And in the process it dilates.This is the reason we  observe... As the name suggests   dilated cardiomyopathy  would imply  cardiac chambers will dilate...
Sad story and reason is even wor ... by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven Sad story and reason is even the acne medicine made him impotent and that is why he killed the doctor?   I don't think so on this one....probably more here the lines here...BD WASHINGTON...
This question will have a similar answer to the one from the dog owner who inquired about 1 pupil being different from the other.  Either there is a problem within the affected eye of your cat or...
Stent Catheter Recall-NanoCross Dilation Catheter Could Break During Use–Need Bar Code Technology to “Scan that Cath by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven dangers it looks like.  Recalls of both medical devices and drugs are growing for a number of reasons... of the NanoCross™ .014" OTW PTA Dilatation Catheter due to the potential for the catheter shaft to crack or break...
What are the mechanisms of “Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension” in Dilated cardiomyopathy ? by Dr. Sangareddi V. Medical Doctor Pulmonary  arterial hypertension (PAH ) is  an uncommon manifestation of dilated cardiomyopathy... for these patients to go for severe arterial hypertension. The reason for this may be the  natural history of DCM...
Class I Medical Device Recall: ev3 NanoCross .014 OTW PTA Dilatation Catheter by FDA 8873813 Use: The NanoCross 0.014” OTW PTA Dilatation Catheter is intended to dilate stenoses... Dilatation Catheter is not an implant. It is removed and discarded after the procedure is completed...
Knowing how dilated and effaced I am gives me a weird sense of accomplishment by Jennifer Patient ExpertHealth Maven knowing that my body is changing in preparation for labor. Knowing how dilated and effaced I am gives.... My parents don't want me there for that reason and because they're are afraid the stress of seeing...

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Symptoms ... weak, irregular or no pulse, stiff muscles, and dilated pupils. Even though it may appear healthy, the s ... » Read on
Diagnosis ... baby, they will apply drops to their eyes to widen (dilate) the pupils. The drops do not hurt your baby, and the effect will wea ... » Read on