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migrainesurgery1 damas, SY
Hello: My name is Ali Sultaneh, I'm  a neurosurgeon since 1995 from Bordenko Institute... More
Melody US
I am clinical nurse up grading public health 2nd year student&working in the local... More

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Saccadic Eye Movement by Methods of Healing Patient ExpertComplimentary & Alternative Medicine Would it surprise you to know that your eyes seldom stop moving? Rapid simultaneous movement of both eyes is called saccadic eye movement, or saccade. It happens so fast, and so smoothly...
Diagnosing schizophrenia by eye movement by Dave W Healthy Living ProfessionalFacebook in the medical world, that individuals with psychoticRelating to psychosis. illnesses have abnormal eye movements... assessed whether eye movement tests could be used to detect schizophreniaA psychiatric disorder featuring...
It's impossible to say given so little information. A blow to the head--for example, if your dog got hit by a car or other object or ran into something solid like a wall-- could produce such signs. There are also infections a
24 weeks by Christine Healthy Living Professional WHAT'S HAPPENING WITH YOUR BABY Rapid eye movement has begun. Your baby, weighing in at one pound, six ounces, and measuring 21cm crown to rump, or 11 1/2 inches, has a five to 20 per cent chance...
Eye movements reveal processing of hidden memories by Jason Schwartz, LMSW Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth Maven Hmmmm. I've always been an EMDR skeptic but this suggests that there may be something to the theory behind it. Interesting.
Dachel Media Update: Unvaxed Liability, Eye Movement, Outrage by Kim S. Patient Expert Children Sicken Others? May 28, 2013, WRAL-TV Raleigh, N.C New research studies link between eye movement, autism May 27, 2013, MLIVE: Facebook post about Portage salon owner berating mother...
Reading comprehension: role of eye movements by Bill Klemm Doctor of Philosophy to the brain, because more information has to be held in working memory. Even so, the results when eye movement... are assigned proportionately to each item. But eye movements are important. In another study, subjects...
Eye Movement Desensitization Therapy by Josh Patient Expert This isn’t so much of a post as a query to see if anyone has had experience withthis therapy (EMDT).  I know of therapists who use this procedure, but I am curious to hear if anyone has had experience of it themselves, and
What is the Active Ingredient in Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair Eye Cream? by Sarah B. Patient Expert Kacie asks…How about Neutrogena rapid wrinkle repair eye cream? What ingredients... to do the following: Fade the look of stubborn crow’s feet Brighten and even under eye area Smooth fine lines...
Post traumatic stress disorder: a new eye movement therapy by Kathy J. Patient Expert As a 20-year-old, a writer was beaten and left for dead in his home. After years of flashbacks, he found a therapy, based on eye movement, that made his memories bearable. Link to read this account in The Times

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Causes ... rmally fall asleep, your body goes through two main stages. Non-rapid eye movement (NREM) is the first stage. During this stage, ... » Read on
Diagnosis ... ave narcolepsy, you will normally fall asleep easily, and enter rapid eye movement (REM) sleep very quickly. ... » Read on