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Baby Mum-Mum .. San Francisco, California
The Baby Mum-Mum blog discusses everything to do with babies and parenting with a focus on child... More
Erin Burns California
I'm living my dream. I have a soft spot for Sapphire martinis. I Google everything. I have Ab... More
nsmom California name is married....have a 2 and 1/2 yr. old daughter Nicole.  Trying to... More
LindseyMorningstar Baltimore, Maryland
I'm Lindsey Morningstar is the author of Morningstar Project, which chronicles my journey towards... More
On February 8, 2009 Joey, our bundle of joy arrived five weeks early! A few days later we learned... More

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Methods To Make Improvements To Your Child's Behavior by just 4 families Patient Expert enough to alter bad child behavior. For the best outcomes, make use of penalties for misbehaving in conjunction... Child parenting could well be the hardest challenge you are going to have in your lifetime...
"Broadcasting" (a child's behavior) in Bangkok by HUG Your Baby Patient Expert who give up breastfeeding do so due to misconceptions (of child's behavior) or mismanagement of problems... setting like this. However, I find that the "Broadcasting" of a child's behavior not only puts a parent...
How minor child behavior problems grow to teen violence by Dr. John Z. Medical Doctor How do minor behavior problems and experiences early in life lead to serious acts of violence... life experiences lead to behaviors and new experiences that lead to yet other experiences...
Prepare Your Child with Autism for Transitions - Autism and Transitions - Autism Behaviors - from by Rudy S. Patient Expert This is a great article with tips for parents of autistic children Prepare Your Child with Autism for Transitions - Autism and Transitions - Autism Behaviors
Ignore the Behavior, Not the Child by jenn Patient Expert like me... ignoring is really so hard to do. "Ignore the behavior, not the child," she said as she reminded me that I should praise his positive behaviors. I hate to think that my child thinks of me as a toy but I guess...
Deadliest Diseases Pop Quiz: Be A Child's Shot@Life by Dr. Polly Doctor of Philosophy Name the single biggest killer of kids around the world. It's probably not what you're guessing... Malaria kills @100,000 people of all ages each year (2010 data). Tuberculosis kills @1.1 million people of all age
Mother’s Parenting Style, Child’s Temperament Predict Later Childhood Behavior by Jeremiah D. Doctor of Philosophy The research addressed in this article indicates that how a mother interacts with her child in its first year, as well as the child’s temperament, can predict later conduct issues. Over 1,800 infants...
5 Top Green Parent Posts: Hershey & Child Labor, ADHD & Diet, Increased Sedentary Behavior Before Adolescence, Russian Baby Swi by Jennifer Lance Patient Expert , others–such as the processed-food industry, many child-behavior experts, and some pediatricians–were more skeptical... the hypocrisy of funding a school for “those less fortunate” using profits which come from  child labor ,  slave...
How Behavioral Optometry can unlock your child’s potential by Joel H. Warshowsky – a book review by Maddy M. Patient Expert   First up I must declare my biases:- 1.  I received a free galley copy of the book. 2.  One of my sons experienced a semester of vision therapy a few years ago and I have nothing positive to report from that exp
Name That Disease Pop Photo Quiz: Be a Child's Shot@Life by Dr. Polly Doctor of Philosophy Here's one for those of you who never made it to med school (i.e. most of us).  Identify the disease pictured below....and no, it's not one of my kids or relatives.  Not this time.    Chicken Pox? Mumps?   Contact

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Treatment ... ually effective in treating otitis media with effusion. After a child has been assessed for the severity of the condition, and a ... » Read on
Complications ... oration in hearing. Psychological effects in children Contracting meningitis can be a traum ... » Read on