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Reader Laura with Sammy Sosa Update by Dr. John D. Medical DoctorHealth Maven Reader Laura’s Comment: He’s now saying that he uses a bleaching cream that he applies before going to bed and whitens his skin. Personally I think he looks better before the whitening. He is likely using hyd
Does The Skin Lightening Ingredient Hydroquinone Cause Cancer? by Sarah B. Patient Expert Kristin’s concerned about hydroquinone…Is hydroquinone a carcinogen? I’ve read so many conflicting reports; and I know it’s been banned in several European countries, but it’s still being recommended by dermatologists
Lumixyl: the New Hydroquinone? by Nicki Z. Patient Expert Almost everyone worries about those dreaded dark spots in their lifetime – that is, sun spots, age spots, liver spots.  (haha )  All joking aside, hyperpigmentation and melasma often require serious treatments.  And since
Skin Care With Hydroquinone by estertey Patient Expert My skin feels so tight and starting to peel off on some area. It's not painful but it's uncomfortable irritating feeling. I will give Murad Post Acne Spots Treatment a try for another one week and see how it goes after.
What Is Hydroquinone And How Do I Use It To Lighten Skin? by Sarah B. Patient Expert Today we’re linking to Bajan Beauty Blogger . Kim asks…When using hydroquinone to fade hyperpigmentation what products should I use to increase its effectiveness and what should I use to avoid losing its benefits?
CHOP Says NO CHOCKS! Philadelphia Hospital Disallows Supplements. by Kim S. Patient Expert By Eubie Quinoles CHOP, The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, just sent out an announcement via their blog – “Cornerstone, Where Science and Medicine Converge:” Children’s Hospital First...
Skin Care Smarts: Skin Bleaching and Hydroquinone by Jen H. Hyperpigmentation never became an issue for me until I hit my mid-30’s and Boom! – Larger, more prominent dark spots (and I am not taking about cute little freckles either) which started to appear around my cheeks and forehe

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