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Why the HCG blood test is better than a home urine pregnancy test by Dr. Aniruddha M. Medical Doctor Blood tests for checking the beta HCG level are better than home urine pregnancy tests... and will insist that the patient do a blood test to check their HCG level. 2. They are quantitative...
If all those tests came back negative..esp the blood beta...then the chances of you being pregnant are pretty slim
to hospital, they examend me and my cervix was closed, took blood test and my hcg was 16.  So Im pregnant... blood test which is a yes or no test.  It came back negative, does that mean I miscarried?? I didn't...
generally a blood test should be taken 12-14 DPO at the least, but considering the time... of at what level do they consider the test to be positive.  Some labs have it as low as 5  while others are at 30...
with any pain you should be good. I would have to have another blood test done to get the quantitative results... to the dr. office and they did a urine test it came back negative so that is why I had a blood test...
Pregnancy Tests by Mary R. How do pregnancy tests work? Pregnancy tests look for a special hormone in the urine or blood... will usually give a more accurate answer. What's the difference between pregnancy tests that check urine and those that test blood...
A new blood test to detect Down’s syndrome in pregnancy by Emanuela .. Patient Expert A test that can detect Down’s syndrome from the blood of pregnant women has raised the prospect... in around 5 years. At the moment a test to check for Down’s syndrome is only carried out on women...
Blood test links smoking in pregnancy to birth defects by Dr. John Z. Medical Doctor Smoking during pregnancy doubles risk that baby will be born with a cleft lip or cleft palate. Babies whose mothers smoked during pregnancy were more than twice as likely to have a cleft palate or lip...
The negative blood beta is accurate and was taken in a good window of time (meaning not too early).    
Can pregnancy tests be wrong? by Marie L. Patient Expert Interestingly, it seems like HPTs and even blood tests for pregnancy can be wrong! I am reading... like this (mostly in response to women wondering why they have pregnancy symptoms but negative tests)! Welllllll.... haha...

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