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ang83 California
I am a mother of 3. A son who is 8, daughters who are 6 and 5. My kids are my world and I love... More
Paul H. Palo Alto, California
I'm a neonatologist, my wife is a pediatrician. I work at both LSPCH and El Camino Hospital. I... More
nikkilewis California
I am a mom of 4 kids.2 of them being twins. I have ben married for 18 years.
AnthonyHenry California
I have been collecting Tuscan furniture parts and Mexican and Talavera potteries for some time... More
Edwarajones California
Lastly, locate an unexpected source of Mitoslim   is that it makes it hard for... More

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Obesity: Put the Kids to Bed! by DiseaseProof Medical Doctor Because a 32-year study has concluded children consistently getting a good night's sleep were LESS likely to become obese as adults. The research appears in the October 31st issue of Pediatrics. Reuters reports: Even wit
Put me to bed, Mama. by Lisa Patient Expert Michael worked late tonight, which meant I was on my own juggling the kids, dinner, clean-up, etc. I put Finn in his Jumperoo while I cleaned up the dinner dishes and poor little guy fell asleep...
Guest Post: 7 Non-Traditional Ways To Put An Over-Stimulated Child To Bed by adhdmomma Patient Expert By Phoebe Lee, Author, “Monkey Mind: A Captivating Bedtime Story for Children” Putting overactive, over-stimulated children to bed can be a production and a half. Sometimes, just the thought...
Parents of Autistic Kids Take Income Hit by Marie L. Patient Expert with autism earn 14% less than parents who don't have autistic kids. That news appears in April's edition... You know, they put the mercury and aluminum in vaccines to save fifty cents per dose...
911 Call: Mom Didn’t Want Autistic Kids; Murdered Them. by Kim S. Patient Expert pressure was low enough to open the door and guide her back to bed. It was the safe thing to do for both of us. I've left Mia wracked with the finale of a stream of seizures, postictal on the bed and stepped...
Kids Who Sleep In Parents’ Bed Less Likely To Be Overweight by Len S. Patient Expert in their parents’ bed are less likely to be overweight than kids put back into their own bed, a new study says.... Children who never slept in their parents’ bed after waking up at night were three times more likely...
Maine Bunk Beds: Eco-Friendly, Organic Paints, Sustainable Wood Kid's Furniture by Ginger T. Patient Expert -sensitive kids. Right now he only had delivery for Northern New England...Putting a plug in for Captain Husband, Scott Taylor. Scott is launching a new company called...
Raising the Bar (Mitzvah) For Autistic Kids by Susan S. Patient Expert class, and Nat was fully included that year. It is difficult to put your finger on what our kids get out of Sunday School or religion in general; that is true of most kids. These days I don't get much out of mine...
CDC report 1 in 110 kids are identified autistic by Kev Leitch Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth Maven in the number of autistic kids. It certainly can’t go into whether or not any specific proposed cause is valid.... They show for six states what fraction of identified autistic kids are getting special education...
Special Needs Parents: Where is my bed? by Joeymom Patient Expert of autistic kids were diagnosed with depression. As she so correctly put it: "Contrary to the widespread..., is about autism parents. The study is about how parents of autistic kids have a higher rate of neurological...

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Definition ... d scalds - are possible if your baby is near hot objects. Avoid putting your baby near things such as ovens, fires, radiators, i ... » Read on
Recommendations ... way garden tools, and teach your children the importance of not putting berries and poisonous plants into their mouths. ... » Read on