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I never know what to say in these things.  Lets see; I'm a 33 year old female; mother of a 13... More
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Ellen B. Gibsons, CA
I've just released my e-book “The Caregiver in MidLife: Where their needs end and yours... More
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This is Tony from Physicians Angels , we are a  Physician Cooperative founded ... More

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Purple Sage by Kerry K. Patient Expert The purple sage, visible from my window, wait for me to prune their plumes, two minutes... “you could have learned from the loyal willow who you saw everyday outside your window, learned the act...
P P P Purple Day P P Purple Day! by Kirsty815 Patient Expert IT’S PURPLE DAY Y’ALL!!!!!! Want to know what Purple Day is all about? It started... when people around the world are encouraged to wear something purple on March 26th to show  people who live...
Purple rice, purple rice! by pixiepine Patient Expert Yes, sing that title to the tune of "Purple Rain!" Yeah! In my last post I mentioned purple... Purple Jasmine Rice (Khao Gram variety) is a unique purple grain that is glutinous when cooked...
Last-Minute Valentine's Dinner: Brussels Sprouts-Greens Quinoa, Purple-White-Purple Sweet Potatoes, Shiitake Mushroom with Lemon by Dilip B. Patient Expert having some very tasty purple and white sweet potato varieties. Recently, I found that the Whole Foods Market in Raleigh had two kinds of purple sweet potatoes and a white one; I cooked one of each in the toaster oven at 400°F...
Possibly purple pie, or perhaps purple pizza by Sinead Patient Expert (this is not a precise kind of thing) and get going on the onions. 3 large purple onions, sliced 2 large...
me that for maximum benefit it should be 'red' grape juice, not 'purple'--as in concord grapes. . I haven't been able... to get the same great benefits. thanks! this is a great article. I love purple grape juice with fizzy water. Bummer...
up just about anywhere.  Since I can't think of a benign reason for your middle finger (or any, for that matter) to turn purple, I'd...
Get bigger shoes. You need about half an inch between the end of your longest toe and the inside edge of the toe box. However, don't get the shoes too big such that your feet slip inside the shoes. Also, buy shoes in the afte
I think this can be some form of repitative strain injury, may be carpal tunnel syndrome. My best advice is go and see a docter and tell him or her you think your complaints may be work-related. Describe the work! I think the
Purple Passion for Alzheimer’s at the Public Policy Forum by L.S.Fisher Patient Expert When Jim and I became engaged April 5, 1969, our colors were purple and yellow. Jim would tell me, “I love you with a purple passion,” and then he would add, “with a yellow racing stripe...

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