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Purple Spots On Chin

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zimman84, That's the same what happened to me! I was sucking a cup too.. erm.. and they appeared suddenly!   I don't know if it is dangerous to have these or not.. but hope they will fade..  I am not sure that I understan
If it is very recent, without pain or discomfort it is less serious. If it has been there a while, and especially if there is any pain or discomfort, then it is much more serious. For any unusual changes in the physical body
Not by the Hair of My Chinny Chin Chin by Debby Patient Expert my chin in a thoughtful, ruminating fashion and noticed, much to my shock, a long dark, thick hair sprouting out of the side of my chin. I plucked that sucker out immediately, with an uneasy feeling...
Not By The Hair Of My Chinny Chin Chin by Denise B. Patient Expert out of what my little grandaughter had to say about my mustache - and that it looks purple. I'd get a kick... from her chin, on several different occasions. Plucking is good, the hairs will grow back in of course...
The Purple People Eater by Stephanie B. Patient Expert Aiden went to see Dr. Pediatrician this morning for the spots in his mouth. And it is thrush. She gave us two options for treatment - Nystatin or "Painting him purple." Nystatin is 2mL 4 times a day...
This sounds like an odd reaction to a drink of just wine and orange juice. You may want to check with your doctor.
Q&A Session at by Alvin B. Lin Medical DoctorHealth Maven My mother has a big black purple ish spot on her leg. I dont think its a bruise. I remember my freind said to ask a docotor cause it might be a clot? Follow @alvinblin This site
Support Soles4Souls with “My Purple Toes”! (Giveaway) by Susan H. Patient ExpertFacebook ! (Meanwhile, young readers are asked to spot the purple toes in the charming illustrations by Tate Nation.) Dad’s... his toenails purple! You can bet there would be a lot of giggling! And that’s exactly what kids...
Purple Finches and More by Ruth K. Patient Expert spot for easy bird watching. Guelph Lake Nature Centre was a beehive of activity as many children.... I have looked diligently for Purple Finches and have only seen one group of females feeding on grass seeds near...
Swans in love…and a purple heron… by Margaret Patient Expert in particular. In addition to the usual birds we have been accustomed to spotting at the WWF Oasis of Focognano–great-crested grebes, coots, mallard ducks and so on–we also got a few good shots of a purple heron...

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