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Paul P. Tucson, Arizona
I am a passionate speaker for the DRX9000 system, along with structural rehabilitation in sunny... More
Chratorauwaz California
This is the tough part of a Wrinkle Cream that starts a history for a Wrinkle Cream. I emailed... More
davidelliot Whitianga, NZ
My Story   I was taken to hospital mid December 2007 aged 45 due to having a grand mal... More
fitmanagement Flower Mound, Texas
Jim Thomas is the well-known founder and president of Fitness Management USA, Inc., a management... More

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I would need a more fully developed question here in order to provide an answer. Why are you posting this in the Yoga section? What sort of answer are you seeking? As the question is currently constructed the answer would b
I'm not a physician but I am into fitness - lower resting heart rates are seen as "good" Congratulations and great that you are running... 
Gonna try a simple pulse rate monitor by Allen Patient ExpertHealth Maven . Since I ran yesterday, today is a rest day. I bought a Tanita pulse rate monitor. It's a simple device that does only pulse rate; I put my finger over the sensor. I'm hoping this will save me a bit of time. I've...
What will be the pulse rate in a patient who has ventricular bigeminy in ECG ? by Dr. Sangareddi V. Medical Doctor What will be the pulse rate in a patient who has ventricular bigeminy in ECG with a heart rate... extra systole for that individual. So , in patient with ventricualr bigeminy in ECG the pulse rate...
Wakeup pulse rate down a bit by Allen Patient ExpertHealth Maven I had a solid 8 hours of sleep last night, and my wakeup heart rate this morning was 61. I'm taking another rest day today. Hopefully, my pulse rate tomorrow will be 61 or lower, and I hope to run 2 miles
Heart Rate Training: Is It For Me? by RunnerDude Healthy Living Professional when you wake up) 3. HRR = 180 - 60 = 120 beats/min 4. Low End of Target Heart Rate zone     = (HRR x % of Training Intensity) + RHR     = (120 x 65%) + 60     = 138 beats/min 5. High End of Target Heart Rate zone...
Does MiN New York Solution2 Get Rid Of Razor Bumps? by Sarah B. Patient Expert give us a more definitive explanation. The Beauty Brains bottom line We’d give this MiN New York a rating of: 2 brains... Ella’s inquiry… Despite it’s rather silly name, I’m interested in trying MiN New York’s Solution2...
Week Two, Day Two: 45 min cycle + 30 min run by Jeff Irvin Patient Expert of the picture and I could see it the entire time. At any rate, I got the time in and logged a good workout...
Today's progress in my overuse soreness by Allen Patient ExpertHealth Maven My pulse rate this morning was 56-59, and that is about what it has been all week. That value... pulse rate is 50-52. My blood pressure this morning was 113/69. Blood pressure varies a lot...
Today was a tired 60-minute run by Allen Patient ExpertHealth Maven My wakeup pulse rate was 66. That is high enough that I didn't plan on running today. I read..., my pulse rate was 56, so I went running and completed 3.1 miles in my allotment of 60 minutes. I didn't...

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Symptoms ... If you suspect that someone has ingested (swallowed) a poisonous substance, immediatel ... » Read on
Treatment ... ou should: sit down and firmly pinch the soft part of your nasal cavity, just above your no ... » Read on