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Helen S. Chang Chen Westlake Village / Thousand Oaks, California
Acupuncturist Helen S. Chang obtained her Bachelor’s of Dental Sciences degree from the... More
jemma California
im a young mum to be having a little girl. im 31 weeks pregnant. i enjoy reading and going to... More
need name new york, New York
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I am 54 year old Native American male. Since my birth, epilepsy was present in my life. I was a... More

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Guest Post – Chiropractors and Pregnant Moms = The Perfect Combination by Sheridan Ripley Patient Expert beautiful sons. My wife is actually the reason I work with pregnant women. She had fairly severe symphysis... as a guinea pig, I figured out what it took to relieve pelvic pain. I have helped a lot of pregnant women...
Benefits Of Chiropractic Care For Pregnant Woman by Len S. Patient Expert . “A misalignment of the pelvis can cause pressure, restrain and torsion on the uterus and the baby inside... unneeded pressure on the abdomen. There are several changes, which occur while being pregnant...
Pelvic Pain in Pregnancy by Dr. Debbie Wright Doctor of Chiropracty can pass through the pelvis easily. This decrease in stability of the pelvis and hips can lead to stresses... and your posture changes. Having an unstable pelvis makes you less able to deal with these changes. Pelvic pain...
Pregnant CrossFitter Sends Internet Into Hysterics: Is she an example of the power of women or of societal expectations are? by Charlotte H. Patient Expert is that I don’t know how to feel about her being pregnant and doing CrossFit because I still don’t know I feel about me being pregnant and doing CrossFit (and kickboxing and weight lifting and running and a number of other intense...
Any concern with pain and clots really should be addressed to your physican as he/she is most familar with your medical history.
no...with all those tests (both at home and at the doctors) coming up negative I would trust the results.    
have you taken a test?
Mapping ICD Codes to SNOMED A Daunting Project – Men Who Smoked While Pregnant by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven at how some of the data they worked with from 3 different EHR systems worked, men that smoked while pregnant... of Pennsylvania men whose patient records indicated they smoked while pregnant. Those patients, served...
It would be best to ask a pharmacist- walmart, target, walgreens, etc.  They would know best what to recommend

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Why it should be done ... an internal examination can be used to estimate how many weeks pregnant you are, your doctor will probably prefer to confirm yo ... » Read on
Treatment ... re not suitable for those under the age of 18, or women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. Both women and men are advised to sto ... » Read on