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hdluvr2 California
diagnosed with osteoarthritis at 34 right after having a hysterectomy with no previous... More
Robertitt California
Detrol dosage is based on patient’s medical condition response of certain treatment or... More
Keenly Interested Vancouver, CA
I have a combination of Rheumatoid Arthritis and Ankylosing Spondylitis.  I've have run the... More
kissmyostomy Concord, North Carolina
Diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in 2003, I struggled with the disease for 6 years. I had the... More
Hollymist California
I have sarcoidosis which is an autoimmune disease which can effect any organ system in the... More

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Prescriptions 101: Prednisone by Sara G. Patient Expert to keep all of these things in check! Here's the skinny on Prednisone: Dosage: Various. I've had 5mg tablets... Ah. Where to start with a drug like Prednisone . There were months when I referred...
Tapering off Prednisone - Learning to be brave by Sara G. Patient Expert Tapering off prednisone does not come easily to me. My body never seems to remember... getting below 20 mg a day seemed to be a monumental feat. Today, my dosages of steroids are much lower...
Let’s talk about PREDNISONE by Romelette L. Patient Expert . I have been on that dosage for six months now and I think I am doing well. My doctor plans to put me off prednisone... I was drinking my dose of prednisone this morning so I told myself to write about it on this blog...
Pesky Prednisone by Sara G. Patient Expert off my dosage of prednisone per doctor's orders, my obstetrician (who treated me for the mastitis) encouraged... that I'm on prednisone, the drug definitely suppresses my immune system so that I have little chance...
Case of the "Prednisone Blues"! by TiffanyAndLupus Patient Expert moments are when i'm battling the "Prednisone Blues". You know what I mean! Those moments when you feel..., THOSE moments. I like to call them the "Prednisone Blues" and as daunting as they may be there IS a way...
I don't know what legal limits Louisiana might place on Xanax (alprazolam) prescriptions, Liv, but you are already taking twice the medical limit of 4mg/day. I suspect your "stress seizures" are actually being caused by the
The doctor should have informed you about the risks of the medication to you and the child if there are any. Generally when a physican perscribes a medications they have determined the benefits to outweigh the risks.   I,
Salazopyrin is know to cause sperm count issues in men.    The first thing I would do would be to request that a sperm analysis be done so you can see exactly where he is as far as his fertility is concerned.     There
I would go ahead and ask- there isn't any harm in that and your doc will let you know what is safe and what isn't
I agree. I can't imagine why you want to give your dog either of these drugs without discussing this with your veterinarian first as both can have serious side-effects. I am not sure why you would  want to dose your dog or wh

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Treatment ... on, such as acetaminophen. Make sure that you always follow the dosage instructions carefully. Children under 16 years of age sh ... » Read on
Treatment ... ny side effects, your doctor will prescribe the lowest possible dosage of PPIs that they think will be effective in controlling ... » Read on