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Sergepamphile west palm beach, Florida
Serge is a life coach who guides professionals, entrepreneurs and small business owners to enjoy... More
BarclayBurch California
Being a SharePoint developer, I delight in the privilege of functioning having a highly-skilled... More
AltheaXion California
I love my job as an environmental engineer! I use engineering skills to protect the... More
IanTerrell California
I’ve been an iPad application developer for more than 3 years now. Building wonderful... More
eatnormalnow Sarasota, Florida
I am an expert on the psychology of eating, with 30 years experience in the field--a... More

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Strength, Skill; Skill, Strength? by Eugene Thong Patient ExpertHealth Maven ) You have to be able to demonstrate it (skill). 2) You need to have strength to demonstrate. Pick a different skill... in which your body can be propelled (an infinite number of “skills”).  To effect the greatest change, choose...
Caregiver Skills - How to videos teach needed skills by Sharon K. Brothers, MSW Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth Maven We've been developing our training videos for caregiver and nursing assistant training. One website, has great tools we've been using to build these training videos. Here's a sample: How to take a blood pressu
New Skills for the Skill Set; Co ... by Sensationally Red Patient Expert New Skills for the Skill Set; Cotton Candy Queen Darn! I just redid my resume the other day and I forgot to list my PTA Carney Skills. I was asked for the third year in a row to operate the cotton candy...
For Weight-Loss Success You Will Have to Learn New Skills and Build Your Skills by Doctor of Philosophy You cannot develop the skills it takes to lose weight and keep weight off permanently free... your old skills, eating too much food, eating too many calorie-rich foods, gaining and maintaining excess...
Skill Assessment: Five Skills to Practice Today by Rhett L. Patient Expert 1. Talk up about people not in the room. It will build trust with those that are in the room. 2. Talk more about solutions than challenges. Your primary job function as a leader is to creatively solve problems (seen
Senior life scientists believe science communication skills are more important than ethical skills by Thomas S. Patient Expert skills’. Of the transferable skills listed in the survey, management and grant application skills... their skills in public communication. Whereas skills in research ethics/bioethics are considered much less...
motor skills. The sooner you work on those the better your chances are of recovering... up. I couldn't talk and all my motor skills on my right side was gone. I was so scared, but they told...
I agree with the other posts Toastmasters is a great way to increase your public speaking skills and your confidence. You had mentioned confidence so that you could approach anyone in your example...
There is no mandated form, but the Joint Commission does require the following six components for all discharge summaries: 1.  Reason for hospitalization 2.  Significant findings 3.  Procedures and treatment provided 4. 
Improving Babies' Motor Skills by Susan H. Patient ExpertFacebook Gross motor skills involve the use of large muscles in the legs and arms to create an action like jumping, clapping and throwing. Fine motor skills involve using small movements, like fingers grasping...

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Treatment ... tivation, and provide the opportunity for them to develop their skills. Because ASD differs from person to per ... » Read on
Symptoms ... 's syndrome are usually of normal intelligence with good verbal skills and reading skills. Some girls however have problems with ... » Read on