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Atlanta Mom .. Atlanta, Georgia
A new mom with a strong faith and an interest in helping other new mothers, especially those... More
Michaela J. Chicago, Illinois
Suffering and the doctors don't know what's wrong with me. I was diagnoised with gerd years ago,... More
Happy Mother Runner NY, New York
I am on the path of living a much healthier lifestyle after overcoming postpartum depression. My... More
Patty B. Granbury, Texas
I lost a kidney and have just recently found a path to take because a Doctor took the time to... More
Carrie H. Lake Jackson, Texas
I am a weight management professional and a personal trainer, certified (in both areas) by the... More

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Arizona Postpartum Wellness Coalition Makes Big Strides in Improving the Postpartum Experience for Arizona's Families by Kristin D. Patient Expert One of my favorite non-profit organizations dedicated to postpartum wellness is the Arizona Postpartum Wellness Coalition (APWC) . The APWC is comprised of a group of amazing volunteers...
Sleeping Improves PostPartum Weight Loss by Heartstrong Registered NurseFacebook , take care of other children at home, juggling multiple responsibilities or postpartum depression.  Sleep...
on from postpartum depression. For all of those people who are still under this issue, please believe... more about postpartum depression, you are welcome to read this Childwiki article. hi my name is kelly i gave birth...
I completely agree with the how-to in your message, Kristin, but I think that for some of us with a physiological basis for the depression, it is unavoidable.  However, as you have written (really well, by the way), it is com
I offer Online Counseling via Skype. I think this is a very effective option for many people, especially those who can't leave home - including new mums. It is better if you can have face-to-face as offered by Skype. The ma
This kind of thing is quite common after childbirth, and there is a Chinese Herbal remedy that can really help it resolve in most women.  You definitely don't have to just sit around waiting for it to get better. Besides t
Treating Postpartum Depression by DepressionFree .. WENDY, HAD POSTPARTUM DEPRESSION: The depression, it was horrible. I thought I was a monster... a few weeks after her daughter's birth, she looked for help right away. WENDY, HAD POSTPARTUM...
Postpartum Depression - More Than the Baby Blues by DepressionFree .. WENDY, HAD POSTPARTUM DEPRESSION: I stopped sleeping, I stopped eating and I felt..., HAD POSTPARTUM DEPRESSION: The most scary was that I was having these obsessive thoughts, like it went...
Do YOU have Postpartum Depression? by Sheridan Ripley Patient Expert I had Postpartum Depression for 10 months and did not even know it ! In response to my post...!   A great book is PostPartum Depression for Dummies.   Please if you think you may have Postpartum...
The Baby Blues – Postpartum Depression by Depression Blog .. Patient Expert Blues – Postpartum Depression ...

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