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I have been married twice. Divorced once and I'm now a widow. Have six boys, all of them grown.... More
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Hi, I go by T, and I am a regular person looking to save money is the beauty aisle. I have... More
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I'm a Homemaker with few interests. I'm posting fantastic Indian Recipes (esp. the taste of the... More
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Lack of Infection with XMRV or Other MLV-Related Viruses in Blood, Post-Mortem Brains and Paternal Gametes of Autistic Individua by Kev Leitch Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth Maven , Post-Mortem Brains and Paternal Gametes of Autistic Individuals. Lintas C, Guidi F, Manzi B... from: (i) peripheral blood of 102 ASD patients and 97 controls, (ii) post-mortem brain samples of 20 ASD patients...
Post mortem human remains revisited by Thomas S. Patient Expert (as we are): Images of post mortem human remains are fascinating and disquieting. They amuse children at Halloween... and censure. In this presentation, Robert Hicks, director of the Mütter Museum explores our dialogue with post...
POOF! Making Rejuvelac: Post Mortem by PrettySmartOne .. Patient ExpertHealth Maven , this is only the second batch that I have ever lost. Meanwhile, I am going to soak these jars in clorox. Posted...
First Surgery Post Mortem: Suck it, Colitis by Megan and Mark H. Patient Expert of mushroom soup. Mushroom soup? It’s on my Avoid Post-Surgery list of foods. What gives? I was pretty unhappy... is a filthy liar. Laughing post surgery is incredibly painful. A few minutes before discharge, my spirits...
The Santa Barbara RHIO: An Impressive Post-Mortem by Dr. Robert W. Medical Doctor of us. Second, a very thoughtful post-mortem on the Santa Barbara meltdown was recently published...
Post Mortem: or Don't Run With The Skinny Chick (She'll Hurt You) by Kendall G. Patient Expert in my sleep, the pain woke me. Post mortem means, "after death." That's a good title. I'm dead. I.Can...
Post Mortem by Stuart G. Patient Expert , feel about their behaviour. I got a lot of feedback, as expected, from my last post and a few... and sentences, and the TV news made spectacles of them bumping into lamp-posts and hiding their faces...
Halloween Post-Mortem by drstaceyny .. Doctor of Philosophy Don't you just love it when someone puts in print exactly what you've been thinking? Well, what we've all been thinking? Take Halloween. . . and women's costumes. . . Just the other day I was having a conversation wit
As life goes on… A post-mortem salute. by ci4me2007 Patient Expert A person I liked extremely well for her incredible kindness and self-sacrificial nature has moved on to the next world… Ingrid-Line Hernholm, mother of 5, passed away peacefully on April 14th after she had been in coma sin
Open Mic Friday: LoungeCast Marathon Post-Mortem with Vanilla and Razz by Amy H. Patient Expert You might recall that Razz and Vanilla lost their marathon virginity a few weeks ago at the P.F. Chang' s Rock N' Roll in Arizona. Tom sat down with them recently to get their first-hand accounts of the race, including h

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