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Ovarian Autotransplant Post Chemotherapy for Fertility Preservation by Bruce Friedman Patient Expert part of a woman's ovary prior to initiating "gonadotoxic" high dose chemotherapy for a neoplasm and cryopreserved it. Then, post-treatment, they sutured the preserved ovarian tissue back to her ovary...
Reactions Post-Chemotherapy by xoxomarebear Patient Expert associated with Chemotherapy, especially because Zofran often isn't that helpful in very young children...
Scenario Planning in a Post-ACO and Post-ACA World for the Care and Population Health Management Industry by JaanS Medical Doctor  ....and suppose there are 55 Republican Senators? In a prior post , the Disease... their bets and prepare for the possibility of a "post-ACO world."  If the Group Practice Demo's disappointing...
Post-Chemo Update by Moshura's Sister Patient Expert It's been over a week since your last chemo and we're all wondering how it's going for you. Don't eat too many chocolate Easter eggs! Or rrrrriiibs....
post chemo reaction crash by Donna Peach Patient Expert After yesterday’s chemo reaction, I woke up feeling wasted even though I slept well through the whole night. I have spent the day doing mostly nothing physical. I worked a bit (computer work) this morning and then spen
What About Chemotherapy? - October 31, 2009 by Steve K. Patient Expert It's been almost three weeks since my last post, and nobody is complaining... and starches and how they contribute to blood glucose in a future post. Today's post will focus on how blood...
Mint Effective In Treating Nausea In Post-Chemo Patients by Len S. Patient Expert in post-chemotherapy patients. As Doctors Health Press e-Bulletin ( and vomiting as a result of their chemotherapy. The research team divided the patients into three groups: group...
Reader Tip: Post-Chemo Moisturization by Nadine H. Patient Expert I’ve been getting so many emails from readers with across-the-board recommendations about products that I’ve decided to start posting them.  First up… After chemotherapy, skin...
Twenty Weeks Post-Chemo by Robert S. Patient Expert , so I thought I'd provide an update twenty weeks out from my last FOLFOX chemotherapy treatment. FOL... of chemotherapy, has had a powerful impact on me. I am definitely far more passionate...
Chemo Rollercoaster--WARNING--GROSS-OUT POST by Brandy W. Patient Expert I have to change the way I think about this. When a human being grows up, s/he is raised to think that when sickness occurs, s/he will eventually get better, and life will be back to normal. With chemo, I'm finding this tr

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What it is used for ... chronic(long-lasting) backpain, post-operativepain, and nausea(p ... » Read on
Causes ... n inserted into the body through the skin, post-surgical (after surgery) infections, and ... » Read on