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pulleylynn California
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Aparna Goa, IN
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Erin Burns California
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Phylogenetic Tree of Caecums, Appendectomies, Microbiota Maintenance, and Anecdotal Failure of Fecal Transplants by Dr. B G Doctor of Pharmacy for fermentation compared with 50% for an animal like guinea pig. (TO ME, this is like the diff betw a select post... 1-3 years post-transplant (anecdotal communication,  Metametrix/GDX Tony Hoffman).  Were these cases...
Diet and recovery following appendectomy by Cassandra F. Doctor of Philosophy Hey Readers, As you've come to learn, I'm slightly glued to my recent appendectomy. Well, today, a reader, Cecilia, posted this comment here, and I thought I'd share it with you all: Hi Cass...
Appendicitis: Appendectomy or Antibiotics? by Alvin B. Lin Medical DoctorHealth Maven who initially received antibiotics only to 430 patients who underwent initial appendectomy. Patients... is beyond what I can cover in this post.  Nevertheless, it's interesting to note that close to two-thirds of those initially...
Post Operative Cognitive Decline, Alzheimer's, After Surgery by Bob DeMarco Patient Expert The question, what is responsible for post operative cognitive decline: the anesthetic drugs or the surgical procedure itself? Alzheimer's Reading Room A syndrome called "post-operative...
Adventures in Diabetes: The Emergency Appendectomy Edition by Rational Jenn Healthy Living Professional of which would be fun to have while in recovery from the appendectomy). But I still thought his blood sugar... of it, especially if you think they aren't monitoring often enough. That's all for now. I may edit this post from time to time...
Uneventful Post Op Course by Dr. Dalai Medical Doctor would recommend.  I'm talking appendectomy vs. brain transplant.  And I'm hoping my son's post op course remains... already.  His mom and I are thrilled and relieved, and hope and pray for a continued uneventful post op course...
Post-partum, Post-script, Post-humous, & Post-Christmas by Magnolia Miller Healthy Living Professional . I plan to keep at the minimum, a once a week post.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to stay faithful...
Post-pregnancy secrets for a flatter stomach (guest post). by Carla B. Patient Expert ?!). By contrast, the key to a flat stomach post pregnancy is not stronger abs, but rather the ability...
The Mandatory Post-Surgery Cheesy "YAY, I'm recovering!" Post by Ulyana C. Healthy Living Professional It's been three weeks since I've had my surgery. I'm recovering well. The swelling is gone. My range of motion is almost back where it was before the surgery. Just three more weeks, and I'll be allowed to put weight on m
Triumph of Censorship: My Final Posting (Attempt) on HuffingtonPost by Dr. J. Deane W. Medical DoctorHealth Maven on–HuffPo–or not, it will be posted to and other sites.) The first Right... to which I post has done so. Apparently, questioning the wisdom of government policies and projected legislation...

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Treatment ... x will have to be surgically removed in a procedure known as an appendectomy. Laparoscopy ... » Read on
Introduction ... ppendicitis can be treated by surgically removing the appendix (appendectomy). Appendectomies are one of the m ... » Read on