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Positive Attitude Regardless of Frustrations by NatashaCall Patient ExpertFacebook that had not been previously fixed by the builder's previous contractors. They had a positive attitude... with the answers. 4. Deleting the story/article I spent time on that was blocked (the URL) when Adsense sent...
Attitude is Elusive! A Positive Attitude Can Change Everything! by Davalos & McCormack. Healthy Living Professional (how many Henrik?) oh, yes, 5 years training himself in the power of Positive Thinking. Here  is what he has accomplished – in his own words: Switched from a generally pretty negative attitude...
Positive Attitude - A Positive Approach To Arthritis by Rudy S. Patient Expert Some advice about effectively coping with arthritis Positive Attitude - A Positive Approach To Arthritis
Attitude by Moshura's Sister Patient Expert , irrepressible, and continuous positive attitude. This is not always easy, particularly when we receive less...” for a reason). I do a few other things periodically to reinforce a positive attitude. One is to reflect...
Attitude and personal growth – “Choose to see what is viable for yourself” by Douglas E. Patient ExpertFacebook Cody on Being Confessional and Totally Candid.] More Positive Psychology articles personal growth... From article: Stuck? You May Have Eyes Wide Shut Syndrome, By Valery Satterwhite “I’ve...
Why are doctors scared of internet positive patients ? by Dr. Aniruddha M. Medical Doctor The Mumbai Mirror had an article, which talks about a survey, conducted across 27 cities... attitude in  my opinion. My take is completely different ! Most good doctors are very happy to talk...
Maintaining a Positive Attitude pays off! by Dada V. Healthy Living Professional Someone just sent the following story to me via email. It is about maintaining a positive attitude whatever the circumstances: Attitude, After All, Is Everything Jerry is the kind of guy you love to hate...
Positive attitude vs. exercise pain by Tamar F. A new study by the University of Illinois found that young, physically active women who were told that they could tolerate workout pain actually felt better. This concept is called “self efficacy” and with it, pain is someth
Having An Attractive Attitude by Dr. Randy G. Doctor of Psychology on your looks, work on creating a positive attitude as well. The entire package of looks and attitude go far... for women’s attraction to men as well. A positive attitude counts. Here are 5 ideas to cultivate...
What's So Funny? by Vicki B. Patient Expert Sometimes nothing seems funny, but look again. A positive attitude helps keep things from being too bad. I read an article in the HDIS Family Newsletter that reminds us that laughter really is good...

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