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joan California
im a fun person 2 b round! i keep a smile on my face n i love kids n go 2 church
Karen Carnabucci Racine, Wisconsin
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I am a retired journalist and news junkie. During my 27-year newspaper career, I researched, wrote... More
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Life has much to offer that is worth living. There are great places, good movies, delicious... More

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Dental Hygiene and Dementia by Bob DeMarco Patient Expert much information considering dental hygiene is a big problem for persons suffering from Alzheimer's or... Poor oral health can lead to pneumonia and cardiovascular disease as well as periodontal disease...
Elders and Personal Hygiene by Ronni B. Patient Expert (there is), it is not connected to personal hygiene. Our personal cleanliness is the basic bargain we make with one... street people in the distant past so good hygiene doesn't appear to be a problem for most people...
Survey reveals importance of personal hygiene to women by Allanda .. Patient Expert importance on personal hygiene, which means that many only use products they know they can trust and rely on. According to a new report from SCA, which produces personal care products such as Tena, personal hygiene is one...
TLSO brace: personal hygiene tool by Donna Peach Patient Expert in February, I tried to look up information online on how to deal with personal hygiene while wearing a TLSO... to the Bottom Buddy (gotta love that name) and the other personal hygiene tools as well. Also worth mentioning...
A New Personal Hygiene Solution – Sit Fresh by Dr. Daisy S. Doctor of Chiropracty a new personal hygiene solution and although I usually don’t share this type of information please stay... that although we don’t speak about it openly, there are folks behind the scenes working on solutions to your personal...
Personal hygiene – dietary change by Maddy M. Patient Expert She whispers because she is considerate and kind, “Mom?” “Yes dear?” “I don’t wannabe mean or nuthin……” “Hmmm?” “Have you noticed?” “Noticed what dear?” “Well he kinda smells…….funny.” “Funny? What kind of funn
Day 23: I'm SOOOOO not a "poor me" person.... BUT... by rebuildingamy Patient Expert This little 12 pound slug makes me really happy. And today she keeps trying to die on me. What's up with that? I'm sorry to take yesterday's sad sack post and follow it up with THIS bit of SUCK but that's what I'm dealing wi
Better hygiene in wealthy na ... by Dr. Rubens D. Medical Doctor Better hygiene in wealthy nations may increase Alzheimer's risk New research has found a "very significant" relationship between a nation's wealth and hygiene and the Alzheimer's "burden" on its population...
Emerging Personalities by Linda Zdanowicz Patient Expert you in the back.  It's incredible to watch this person.  She can poor on the compliments and as soon as the person... or when we're in a situation in which we know that the other person's opinion of us will affect...
Scabies transmitted by close contact, shared personal items by Dr. John Z. Medical Doctor around the world every year, and it is easily transmitted from person to person by close contact. Although everyone is susceptible to scabies, crowded living conditions and poor hygiene are two of the most common associations...

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Causes ... l route, which passes the virus on from person to person due to poor personal hygiene. For example, you may get hepatitis A if y ... » Read on
Symptoms ... re common in tropical countries but has been seen in those with poor personal hygiene, homeless people and burns patients. ... » Read on