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mare1972 vancouveer, CA
Hello I am a parent of a teenager with type 1 diabetes and compensated cirrhosis of the liver. My... More
Kellyrhat California
You can even ask poor people in connection with Nutri Lean Green Coffee. As a matter of fact,... More
Lisa C. Marietta, Georgia
I'm a stay-at-home mom to 5 wonderful children (well, they're wonderful most of the time). There... More
davidelliot Whitianga, NZ
My Story   I was taken to hospital mid December 2007 aged 45 due to having a grand mal... More
shihtzumom Adger, Alabama
well, let's see here. i am almost 59 years old, i live in a little, very old (over 80 years)... More

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The attitude of entitlement or just poor judgement? 'Tuplet Mom and the IVF Fiasco by Sharon LaMothe Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth MavenFacebook   I was going to stay far away from commenting on the new Mom of octuplets (BTW that word isn't even on my spell check!) But I feel compelled to weigh in.  Nadya Suleman is now the mom of 14. She could, just as easily, bee
JAMA Editors Continue to Display Staggeringly Poor Judgment by Seth Roberts .. Doctor of Philosophy In an earlier post I called a certain JAMA editorial “the most self-righteous editorial I have ever read.” Perhaps the authors reluctantly agreed; the editorial, which used to be here, is gone. Since I quoted from it, you ca
It Really Is OK To Admit You’ve Made an Error in Judgement. Yes really. by NML Patient Expert out, it becomes apparent that at some point they recognised that they’d made an error in judgement but proceeded anyway... like making a poor investment, realising that that it’s bankrupt and instead of cutting your losses, throwing...
Wise Judgement: You Can Only Choose One by Rhett L. Patient Expert as an excuse for poor decisions and never hold others ransom with it. Carry it freely as the price you pay...
Technology transfer for the poor by Sally Kneidel Patient Expert in many development policy circles as a process by which multinational corporations become rich at the expense of poor... in technology transfer debates. Debates raised by the poverty gap between rich and poor countries...
"Rich or Poor, It's Good to Have Money" by Beth F. Patient Expert in marriage can be paved with a little cash. My personal favorite is this one: "Rich or poor, it's good..., friendships, or work/life balance. We have become a generation who casts judgement upon anyone who isn't...
Give me you hungry, tired, and poor. Hold the fat, please! by Dr. Robert O. Medical Doctor risk factors? We've already clearly made this value judgement with smokers and we're moving...
Poor Poor Poor . . . Who? by Boobies Butt N Gut Patient Expert I'd like to say poor me. Poor me. Woe is me. Pity me. (feel bad for me yet? or just bored of my monotonous blabber?)Anyway, that wouldn't be true. The poor me, part.I have one healthy little baby...
Poor Children Getting More Antipsychotic Drugs: The Power of a Poor Graph by Dr. Polly Doctor of Philosophy a psychiatrist or psychologist who accepts it can be difficult.  Sure enough, poor children are 4 times... that runs from 0% all the way to 5%.  Looks impressively bad for the poor kids.  But it's deceptive...
Poor children have poor reading skills? Not necessarily… by Ron Patient Expert The children of poor parents are a year behind in vocabulary tests by the time they start... fascists  – it’s all the fault of people on benefit, you know… Being poor isn’t the problem. Being dumb...

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