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More from the Annals of Polycythemia Vera by Sandi W. Patient Expert ." I have polycythemia vera, that in layman's terms means I have too many platelets. (I want to link to earlier posts..., specifically polycythemia vera and essential thrombocytosis." Whether my PV is cancer or not depends on whom you talk...
Hoisting a Pint by Sandi W. Patient Expert or, the Annals of Polycythemia Vera (in Vera Veritas) Two weeks ago I went to LifeSource... exposure caused them to develop polycythemia and other illnesses. Some suffered immediate effects...
Son of Son of Meltdown/I am Zapped by Sandi W. Patient Expert One symptom of my polycythemia vera is itchy skin. All over? two people asked in one day. No, not all over. Not my hands or feet or face or scalp...
Misdiagnosing PVS by Thaddeus Pope Doctor of Philosophy Several people have recently urged me to consider studies demonstrating the error rates in diagnosing PVS. While I have yet to do so, I did notice this appellate opinion published yesterday in Wisconsin, and briefly repo
PVS Patients Evicted from California Hospital by Thaddeus Pope Doctor of Philosophy TheStockton Recordreports that hospital executives at Lodi Memorial Hospital have announced that the hospital no longer will serve seriously disabled patients who are often on life support or use feeding tubes and need y
Recovery from PVS -- Haleigh Poutre by Thaddeus Pope Doctor of Philosophy In September 2005, 11-year-old Haleigh Poutre arrived at Baystate Medical Center severely beaten into a coma. According to ABC News , doctors judged that "Short of developing a technique for a complete brain transplant
Stop Treating the PVS Prisoners by Thaddeus Pope Doctor of Philosophy This week, a San Joaquin County California judge refused to free Jackson Phaysaleum, a prisoner who is in a permanent vegetative state. "Attorneys sought his release under a law that allows an incapacitated inmate to go fre
Health System Reform: Eliminate Treatment for PVS Patients and Other Inappropriate Treatment by Thaddeus Pope Doctor of Philosophy Yale Professor Jennifer Prah Ruger has a piece titled "Ethics in American Health 2: An Ethical Framework for Health System Reform" in the current issue of the American Journal of Public Health. Ruger argues that
Sunny Von Bulow - 28 years of PVS by Thaddeus Pope Doctor of Philosophy Sunny Von Bulow died this week, 28 years after first falling into a comatose state -- either at the hands of her ex-husband Claus or by her own drug use. While Von Bulow could easily pay the roughly $250,000 yearly medica
MCS Misdiagnosed as PVS Almost Half the Time by Thaddeus Pope Doctor of Philosophy In aforthcoming articleinBMC Neurology, Belgian researchers recite that "previously published studies have reported that up to43% of patients with disorders of consciousness are erroneously assigned a diagnosis of vegetative

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Diagnosis ... an make the symptoms of COPD worse. Also, the test can look for polycythemia (an excess of red blood cells). If you have polycyt ... » Read on
Causes ... s, and in people whose blood is thicker than normal (those with polycythemia, which means there are too many cells in the blood) ... » Read on