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and thus irritation & inflammation.  Yeast, pinworms, psoriasis, hemorrhoids, and fissures can all cause itching...There's an extensive list of things that can cause your anus to itch, not the least...
Anal cancer by Dr. Anshu Gupta Patient Expert Anal cancer The anus is the name for the muscular area at the very end of the large bowel... of the body. This muscle is also called a sphincter. The most common type of anal cancer is squamous cell...
ANAL FISSURE by Dr. Anshu Gupta Patient Expert What is an anal fissure? An anal fissure is a small tear in the anus that may cause itching... can give relief to the affected area. - Analgesic suppositories may be required to ease pain. Most anal...
Anal Cancers by Dr. Anshu Gupta Patient Expert Anal cancer is a disease in which malignant (cancer) cells form in the tissues of the anus... the body. Two sphincter muscles open and close the anal opening to let stool pass out of the body. The anal...
.  Watch for signs of itching near the anal area.  The area could be reddened due to scratching..., are you more restless than usual?  Pinworms cause restless sleep due to painful skin irritation around the anal area. 3...
Anorectal Disease by Dr. Anshu Gupta Patient Expert or itch in the anal area can be treated with dietary advice and other suggestions. ... Anal Abscesses/Fistulae Hemorrhoids Anal Cancers...
How to safely control internal parasites by Stephen Tvedten Patient Expert anus. When dry, they resemble kernels of rice. Some dogs experience anal itching from the segments... anal itching, insomnia and restlessness. These worms tend to migrate out through the anus at night...
Health Headlines - October 13 by Meredy Registered NurseHealth Maven are affected by pinworms, a thin worm usually found in the anal and buttock area, according to the St. Louis... morning or at night. Another clue may be itching of the anal and buttock area. Infection is caused...
Got worms? by Stephen Tvedten Patient Expert and are the most prevalent worm problem for young children - may cause sever anal itching, insomnia and restlessness... but of smaller size - may cause the soles of the feet to itch, and possibly bloody spit from the mouth, fever...

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Causes ... infection caused by a tiny mite (scabies), anal itch, this is common and may have many causes, including th ... » Read on
Symptoms ... should visit your doctor or local STD clinic if you experience itching, swelling or redness around the vagina or penis, unusual ... » Read on