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Tracy California
Hi,im Tracy,age 40, and have suffered in the past and at this present time with headaches which... More
Beth California
Im just the girl next door.  I like good food, not very active, my work keeps me pinned... More
LadyDiana65 California
Grew up with the usual insecurities and lack of confidence most young girls do....although looking... More
Colin Ellison Maryland
 I am a psychology major who writes about the use of diapers to manage bedwetting with... More
GERALDINE K. California

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Gold COPD Awareness Lapel Pin & Smokefree Living Pin by Sandy Patient Expert Gold COPD Awareness Lapel Pin: Soft Enamel Cloisonne' Epoxy Dome 1" Size Polished Gold Metal Sandblasted Recessed Metal 1-8mm Post w/ Butterfly Clutch 1.2mm Thickness Smokefree Living Lapel Pin...
Pinworm infections are very common.  Here are a few ways to check for symptoms of a pinworm: 1.  Watch for signs of itching near the anal area.  The area could be reddened due to scratching.  This is one of the major indica
Not to be rude, but I'm not quite sure how your wife managed to visualize the anorectal junction!  For viewing purposes, we typically use an anoscope to see inside.  Most likely your physician was feeling for prostate issues,
First of all, Kimberly, you are to be commended for adopting a rescue dog, especially one with this history of abuse.  Your dog probably feels like she's in "dog Heaven" living with you! Now that you've described more of he
Hi Kim, Of course you need to first rule out anything medical - note when he complains, and what he was doing before the complaint - running, sitting, etc.  Does he complain upon waking?  Does the pain waken him at night? 
Well, it sure sounds like you've been pretty involved with your little girl's eye problems!  Although corneal ulcers can happen in any breed of dog, repeated incidents such as you are describing are more likely to happen i
Pin Cushion by Karen H. Patient ExpertHealth Maven In searching for the perfect handmade pin cushion as a Valentine’s Day gift for my daughter... she “borrowed” my pin cushion.  I have had that pin cushion since 7th grade. Truth be –I barely sew and my pin...
Paresthesia or Pins and Needles? by Vicki B. Patient Expert Today is Pins and Needles Day . In 1937 it was created to commemorate the opening of a play named Pins and Needles by Harold Rome. It was a pro-labor play with the cast and crew...
Pin it to Win it Contest by Michelle Health Maven Enter our Pin it to Win it Contest for a chance to WIN a ticket to FitBloggin'12! Winning is as simple as pinning! This week we are running our first ever Pinterst contest!  We are giving away 2...
Pin Up Calendar Images – “Radiology Style” To Spice Up That PACS Server by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven This was just too funny to pass up, so this is what the radiology folks get in the way of pin... are classic and too funny with the calendar featuring a pin up of the month!  BD...

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