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Complexn California
Electric expenses were skyrocketing in current years for a quantity of reasons. Simply because the... More
Dr. Steven P., MD New York City, New York
  I'm an otolaryngologist in solo private practice in midtown Manhattan. I'm the author... More
One of my favorite quotes is from â??When Harry met Sally": Sally: Iâ??d like the... More
HolisticHealth toronto, CA
My passion is to provide leading edge holistic and homeopathic information not commonly found in... More
April G. Cupertino, California
Things I love... Shopping, Tanning, Sleeping, Snowboarding, Being with my Girlies, Eating out,... More

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What Mario Lopez and I Have in Common: Celsius! by Susan H. Patient ExpertFacebook You might not think that I have a lot in common with Mario Lopez. I don’t have his gorgeous dimples, a gig hosting a popular TV show, movie roles or a new baby girl...
turkey day pictures by stairstepmom Patient Expert We had a very small gathering this year - just us and Grandma as my parents and sister had to work - but we still had a great day! My pogaca - this must be a very hearty bread since it slipped off the pan while comin
Day 4 - A picture of a habit you wish you didn't have by Alice V. Patient Expert I LOVE Salt & Vinegar crisps!!!!! I would give up cake or sweets or chocolate anyday without blinking, but these I could NEVER give up! Not just specifically Lays, but any brand, and also S&V flavoured popcorn. And when my
What Hooks You in Your Relationships? Understanding the combination of hooks, picturing & potential by NML Patient Expert attraction that you have a lot in common and picture yourself doing all this stuff together, settling down.... ‘But we have so much in common!’ You start picturing again and in your mind you can’t imagine anyone more right...
The big picture by Kamal S. Patient ExpertHealth Maven In any company, everyone needs to be driven by a common goal. Every individual may have his or her individual objectives and that is ok. But the larger objective has to be common. This overall goal...
Teaching patients using pictures by Dr. Aniruddha M. Medical Doctor Why don't more doctors use pictures to teach patients ? " There are several reasons why these strategies are not used more often. The most commonly cited reason is the time it takes to help...
Autism - Picture This by Kim S. Patient Expert campaign has taken common sense, added a side of powerful imagery and voila!  Responsibility... as you describe…” What if we attached hard-hitting visual reality to our already powerful words? Picture...
10 Ways to Teaching Common Internet Sense to Teens by Vanessa Van Petten Patient Expert to teens about being safe and using common sense online. 1) Tell them you have trouble... are lace curtains Even though kids might think their pictures or videos or comments are safe...
James McCommons: Grand Canyon Railway Offers Glimpse of the Past by Chelsea Green Patient Expert was all steel and leather of a sort of utilitarian, bulletproof construction. (Picture bench seats on a school... to gawk at the canyon, take too many pictures, buy postcards, eat a lunch and get a peek at El Tovar...
Faith: The Bigger Picture by Kate K. Patient Expert struggle we face is coming to terms with our own mortality.  We commonly accept that we will die... within, our consciousness.  Our consciousness is greater than our bodies and has more in common with the space...

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