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The prostatic acid phosphatase or PAP test by Dr. Arnon Krongrad Medical Doctor Before the existence of the PSA test, the prostatic acid phosphatase or PAP test... phosphatase (PAP).  PAP is an enzyme that is found in in the prostate gland and semen of men. If the prostate...
Serum alkaline phosphatase levels and and survival of patients with mCRPC by Dr. Arnon Krongrad Medical Doctor for progression. However, a new paper by Sonpavde et al. has now established the serum alkaline phosphatase level...
Alkaline Phosphatase by Robert S. Patient Expert liver enzyme, Alkaline Phosphatase , was too high so I would not be receiving the treatment and instead... Phosphatase count is still a bit too high so I'm ineligible for a liver-pump infusion on Wednesday...
A better pap smear in the works. ... by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven A better pap smear in the works...hopefully will address less false-negatives...BD  CytoCore Inc. (OTCBB:CYOE), the biopharmaceutical research and medical device company for early detection and treatment of reproductive-t
What is alkaline phosphate? by Dr. Anshu Gupta Patient Expert Alkaline phosphatase is an enzyme, which is present in the blood, intestines, liver, and bones... are in the growing phase. A variety of Alkaline Phosphatase is present in the placenta, hence values may be increased...
To C-PAP? or not to C-PAP? (Part 1) by Gertrude Patient Expert Aggressive management of respiratory problems is usually a pretty solid idea. Don't want it to go down hill on you and they can quickly. It used to be, when we had a failure patient that was in respiratory distress and they
New Pap test not better than the old Pap test by Katherine B. Patient Expert A Dutch study that included nearly 90,000 women finds that liquid-based cytology, a commonly used alternative to conventional Pap tests, is not superior to Pap tests for the detection of cervical cancer precursors or cancer,
French Alps, France by Dianne .. Patient Expert The French Alps! To see the stunning views of the French Alps, you need to acquant yourself with extreme altitude! Well, extreme altitude for me, as I have a paranoid fear of heights! But I did manage to endure this tr
Carnie Wilson Shops Like She Hasn't Had Gastric Bypass by Dr. John D. Medical DoctorHealth Maven TMZ (Source) With all the paps around, you can't hide your shopping habits. It would be interesting to see what she eats to undue the benefits of her gastric bypass surgery. If people are determined eno
One Stop Medical Shopping: Convenience and much more by Linda MacDonald Glenn Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth Maven Would you want to get your pap smear and wrinkles filled in by the same doctor? An article in Health explores how more and more doctors are cashing in on cosmetic procedure boom and quotes our founder and blogger on the pot

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