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i took the morning after pill in jan and got my period on feb 1st to the 8th of feb and i have not... for the first time. so can the morning after pill afect my period. i need to know...
? are supposed to bleed after taking the pill.  The purpose is to drastically increase... to.   You also aren't late for your period... the bleed you were talking about was the beginning of a new cycle...
it doesn't matter when your period happened.  The purpose of the morning after pill is to spike... when the Morning after pill is needed Even though I had my period 6 days before that happened? you are supposed...
were next to nothing.(also i woz on injection pill_)....he had a short break from steroids and i came off the pill and two months......i now have a 7 month old son you probably didn't ovulate when you thought you did.... it sometimes takes...
I believe that usually the window is 72 hrs to take the morning after pill (I am assuming that is what you are referring to).   It will not work if you are already pregnant.  If you are late with your bleed
I'm kind of having the same problem. My period was 5 days late and when it arrived it seemed to be joined by a UTI. The period only lasted two days but the UTI has continued. Currently taking antibiotics...
ganna be really late though like 40days but ihave bled twice one wat was my normal period in the middle... what the side effects/process of the morning after pill would be? The purpose is to prevent a pregnancy...
hocombe hi...m planning to get pregnant , my periods are late by say 10days .i had a hcg test  n... some advice, am 4 days late on my period. have be suffering from white discharge. haven't had unprotected or...
you are fine I woke up this morning and started my period. Im already like two days late but i went... are your cycles? But i had a period last month on november 12,2009 and i havent had one yet and this morning i saw...
uncertain about my pills though. And my menstruations we're only ever late by one day, probably a change in my cycle. Thanks ! Try your best not to miss taking any of your birth control pills.  They won't help...

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