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Natasha L. Adelaide, AU
I'm a lover of natural and alternative/complementary medicine and preventative medicine.  I... More
L.S.Fisher Sedalia, Missouri
Linda Fisher, Sedalia, MO, is the author and editor of Alzheimer’s Anthology of... More
KeiraBear California
I decided to join this site for some extra motivation, support & to meet new people. My name... More
Ron G. Los Altos Hills, California
CEO, I Love Life. Mainly because I love people, and also because it is full of... More

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Why Some People Can’t Love (Pathological Narcissism) by Susan Patient Expert I see an abundance of people in my practice that were partners of the pathological narcissist (pathological as opposed to normal narcissism in which self-centeredness is necessary sometimes or...
On creative people in Hollywood and narcissism by Douglas E. Patient ExpertFacebook of narcissism that so many people have, including high ability and talented artists? Dennis Palumbo... amount of narcissism. “In defense of people in the entertainment industry, I would argue...
Narcissism kills: pt. 2 by Dr. Tina Tessina, Phd "Dr. Romance" Doctor of Philosophy Yesterday, I wrote about narcissism: people whose emotional development is arrested... that you're intrinsically better than other people; more deserving.  Bigotry is narcissism; so is most hate...
Dating in the time of narcissism by Dating Goddess Patient Expert I like to think of myself as a generally positive person, but I have my pet peeves. Self-absorption is one of them, although I’m guessing I can act in ways that seem self-centered to others. Over the last few years, I
Narcissism, Celebrity Rehab, and Another Overdose Death by SuboxDoc Patient ExpertHealth MavenFacebook by someone else! Most studies that follow patients with chronic pain over periods of years show that people are more ‘functional.... There is also considerable confusion among people with addictive disorders about the proper treatment of addiction. I read...
Personality Disorders: BPD and Narcissism by Susan Patient Expert II diagnosis. If there is any question about what is written here, please let me know: People often ask... diagnosis. Most people will have an Axis I diagnosis and it is not only possible but highly probable...
Narcissism or Self-confidence? by Jeff H. Patient ExpertHealth Impact Award (as I found), I did like the comparative differences between narcissism and self-confidence. Many people with ADD are impacted... recognition and attention. Self-confident people want to do what they love and do it well. • Narcissism...
The Popularity of #Selfies: Narcissism or Self-Exploration? by Dr. Erik G. Doctor of Philosophy -created self-portraits as proof of cultural—or at least generational— narcissism and moral decline... have long demonstrated an interest in self-exploration.  From early Greeks to present day, people...
“Crazy” Outtakes, Part 7: Narcissism, Weed, Booze and Goiters by Dr. Rob Dobrenski Doctor of PhilosophyHealth Maven that help people with tons of money like me make more money?” Josh was the recipient of a trust fund... like this all the time, it seems almost weekly at this point. You are always making fun of other people and laughing...
The Fruits of Narcissism are Putrid for Employees by David DiSalvo Patient Expert they do. And it gets worse. Not only are people who work for narcissists generally miserable, but they also report..., who was playing a game he was bound to ultimately lose—and take many people with him—and yet kept right on going...

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