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karincosme California
Hola!:) I am Christian. I am American. I teach English in South Korea. I have been teaching... More
AnaRae California
I'm recovering from a fractured ankle and like to take pictures.
clardyp California
I am a retired RN, background in cardiovascular, med-surg, oncology, patient education and... More
Silvermill Naples, Florida
I'm 60 and changing my life.  I recently saw a picture of me standing among fat... More
Ben H. Columbus, Ohio
I grew up around food in the restaurant my family owned for more than 40 years in Mexico City. My... More

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Breakout Picture by estertey Patient Expert I took this picture about 5 days ago. It shows my pimple breakout and I really hate... this picture onmy MYB account and I am so happy to receive another bunch of compliments. F**K filipinos...
Canine acne pictures by heru m. Patient Expert As human beings we experience skin issues such as acne at least once in our lives, however what most don’t understand is that we aren’t really the only ones who need attention o
I had the same problem and it turned out to be yeast. We all have yeast, it's just usually under control. But when we eat a lot of sweets or carbs, it feeds the yeast and then there can be a 'bloom' under the arms, in the pri
Mystery Rash by Shannon .. Registered Nurse if my suspicions are correct. Have you ever tried taking a picture of a rash? It is next to impossible to get a picture of it. When you look at her the rash is very obvious, but when you look at a picture...
Prednisone vs. the killer rash Part 2 by Carla U. Patient Expert In the great battle of Prednisone vs. the killer systemic rash, the prednisone has WON! My rash... about to do this, but here are before and after pictures of me on and off prednisone.  I actually weigh *less* in the prednisone picture (the middle...
Some Fitbit Users Are Finding Out They Are Allergic To Wearables And Are Developing Rashes by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven of rashes , blisters and peeling skin on message boards. Pictures they've posted are ugly. "It's just not... that could be leading to the rashes, such as an allergy to the metal used, to the latex and so on.  I wonder...
The Memories Brought On By A Picture by Shannon .. Registered Nurse picture. I have to laugh as I look back at how different he looks today compared to then. I swear he looked like a baby Samurai wrestler! Poor baby! He had just started developing a strange rash...
My 1st Baby Bump Picture! by Kristen S. Patient Expert Drumroll please... ta dah! Here it is --> the long awaited for 1st baby bump picture. :) We took this a little over a week ago. And, all I can say is... I've grown (in many places) since! I think I'm a little...
My rash...continues by AtYourCervix Patient Expert The rash and itching continues. I have not taken percocet or vicodin in several days...) I had over one incision. I see my surgeon on Friday for a post op check. Click to enlarge pictures to see...
Rash Decision by Angel .. Patient Expert . So I crashed. I woke up with not only a body covered in a horrid, mildly itchy rash, but a stomach ache so bad I wanted to puke and pass out. Well, I didn't puke, but you get the picture what happened, given...

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Symptoms ... itching (especially at night), a rash, and tiny spots. ... » Read on
Introduction Nettle rash (also known as urticaria, hives, or welts) is a raised, red ... » Read on