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These could be caused by insect bites, an allergic responce (i.e., hives), or an infection of some sort.
These circular, pink sores could be the result of flea bites.  They could also be a form of ringworm--a skin fungus in the dog.  If they haven't disappeared or at least gotten somewhat smaller in a few days, you should have
Testing of the Anorectal and Pelvic Floor Area by Dr. Anshu Gupta Patient Expert evacuation study A balloon evacuation study tests pelvic floor relaxation and opening of the anal canal... sphincter and pelvic floor muscles. The electrode reads the electrical activity produced by the muscles...
Thank you for the info!! The pubic pain is 4 days old and hurts so bad. I shuffle when I walk I am only 54 yrs old.  Would I go to my primary Dr or make an appt with an orthopedic guy? Your pain describes what I am feeling a
on my tail bone area, needing to lay down to get some relief, sometimes not being able to sleep at night b.c.... that used an "activator" to put my hips back into place b.c. she says my body was out of allignment 2. going to a pelvic...
Finding a PT who can treat your Pelvic Floor is about to get Easier! by Bonnie B. Patient Expert When I realized I needed to see a physical therapist to treat my pelvic floor dysfunction (pelvic... diagnosed with some form of pelvic floor musculoskeletal dysfunction, finding a PT who knows how to treat...
The Pelvic Floor, Prolapse and Pregnancy by Deb .. Healthy Living Professional being embarrassed to talk about the pelvic area. One of our teacher trainees kept referring to this area..., and now I am in the midst of dealing (and healing!) with pelvic floor problems postpartum. I was originally drawn...
Compounding your Pelvic Pain Relief by Bonnie B. Patient Expert can be an important member of your pelvic pain medical team. If you are in the Southern California area, Clay may be able.... Since my pain started with an abscessed Bartholin’s gland, its main headquarters are the area where the gland...
Tantra: Deep Pelvic Release Work by Gillette .. Patient Expert the pelvic area. It retains all the deep unconscious emotional gunk we experienced as kids with potty..., etc. If a person feels trust and safety when the area is focues on, the emotion is remembered then released...
List of Doctors Who Know Pelvic Floor by Bonnie B. Patient Expert on about pelvic floor musculoskeletal dysfunction. I will continuously be adding new names... and Pelvic Dysfunction, San Francisco, California: 415-441-5800 Dr. J. Thomas Benson: Urogynecology...

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