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I was diagnosed as being partially deaf when I was about 4 or 5 years old. Up until then I had... More
Terlgnzalez California
Max robust sometimes turns out to be a walking disaster. Max robust is useful for showing you... More
JoAnn .. California
I began my blog in late 2008 partially as an attempt to archive my experiences in learning to cook... More
ReneeMV63 Fayetteville, North Carolina
Currently stationed in Fort Bragg from Germany. I am making provisions to have my 27 year old son... More
Mom, Interrupted California
I am a Bipolar Survivor of over ten years. I am a huge advocate for treatment that is as unique as... More

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What is “Partially successful” or “Partially failed” thrombolysis ? by Dr. Sangareddi V. Medical Doctor of partially successful thrombolysis implying partial restoration of blood flow and salvage. The correct...  like that ,  and it is always considered as  all or none phenomenon ! There is a substantial number of patients  with partially...
My Poor Little Girl Since the ki... by Jo C. Burzycki Patient ExpertHealth Maven My Poor Little Girl Since the kids' thyroidectomies Sis hasn't had a voice. The surgeon... whisper. If the injury is partial, the voice is usually a little better in the morning...
Hmmm . . . your post ended abruptly.  I'm not convinced that the timing of your surgeries has anything to do with your current complaint of dizziness.  Moreover, a hysterectomy shouldn't make you dizzy unless you're still bl
I believe you have asked this question already?  If not,  please be more specific.   It would not be recommended that you treat one animal with another one's medication unless perscribed by your veterinarian to do so and w
Pain is a personal battle.  No physician can look at his/her patient and determine the level of pain from which the patient is suffering.  Therefore, the decision to operate to relieve pain is typically made from the patient
I wouldn't recommend this. Usually drugs that are dispensed in capsule form are done so usually because they don't taste good, dissolve well, or because their release in area where the gel capsule is dissolved is optimal for
you'd think that partially hydrogenated was only partially bad but it's worse than hydrogenated fat ( and that's bad!)
I had a partial hydatidaform mole after two IVF failures and was absolutely devastated. It took me 5 years, 2 IVF attemps to have a natural (somewhat) miscarriage. Shockingly within 6 weeks I fell...
and was only then they discovered i had a partial bicornuate!!! never heard of it.  looked it up and read that it results...
Your grandson is not alone in the frustrations of having hearing loss which is not covered by health insurance. Most companies will call this a "cosmetic" need. Apparently they've never suffered with hearing loss. The good

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Treatment ... it is only necessary to remove one lobe of the thyroid gland (a partial thyroidectomy). These procedures are carried out under g ... » Read on
Treatment ... urrent hyperthyroidism, and is known as a total, or near-total, thyroidectomy. Your specialist may recommend surgery if your ... » Read on