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I am a new member of the Stanford community. I am passionate about getting people active. There... More

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Partial Memories – Why Does The Memory Weaken With Age? by Methods of Healing Patient ExpertComplimentary & Alternative Medicine Why do intellectual performances decrease with age? Recent studies show that an important role in this process has the decreased communication between different parts of the brain that occurs
Thanks for the advice.  GIVE BRIEFINGS AND PRESENTATIONS AT WORK. SHARING SHORT STORIES SOCIALLY. This could be simple anxiety, or could be a learned coping skill due to forgetfulness in the past. For many with memory...
Hi ms_white, In response to your question, there could be factors that play into your memory loss..., Here are a few things that could be causing your memory loss: Are you getting enough sleep...
seems to you to have memory loss and then also ask why this medication is being given as a sleep aid as the drug you mention is an anti-depressant.  Or is the person depressed as well?   The memory loss may be totally unrelated...
memory loss, so it's never too early to start!... to enhance your memory and green tea for cognitive enhancement. I haven't tried ginkobaloba, but it's worth...
to have the best diagnosis and treatment for your short-term and working memory problems. I wish you the very best! ...
I don't know if you have read any of my blogs or other answers so I'll repeat some of it here.  I am not a physician but a mental health expert who believes too many "seniors" are on too many medications.  It's hard to know i
Chelsie...did you get it  checked out? What did they say? Assuming you didn't start taking or switched a medication before this began, or that you are not at risk of dementia, it is possible that your forgetfulness is anxiety
It is difficult to answer this kind of question not knowing the person and his history.  There are many reasons for this kind of behavior and not all are related to age or dementia.   An evaluation of his health, activity s
and it started when i was on my honeymoon i never had the panic attack but started to get memory loss, havnt...   Memory problems can be a symptom of stress, Sam. The stress need not be apparent. It is rarely...

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Risks ... hallucinations, and memory loss. » Read on
Symptoms ... rmal behavior, loss of memory, numbness, ... » Read on