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Painless Lump On Shin

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robs723 Virginia Beach, Virginia
Hey Everyone!  Hey Everyone, 26 year old female, thyriod cancer and law school... More
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Zetaclear Nails infections cannot be treated in beauty parlors, they need a proper medication to... More
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Andrew Seattle, Washington
I've had symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis since 2004 and was formally diagnosed in January 2009.... More

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just being cautious There are a number of things it could be...just because it is painless doesn't necessarly mean... in relation to this lump?  There is some good discussion on this topic at the following site: ...
under the sking on my legs . I have this same problem. I have no history of thyroid problems. My lumps have no color but hurt like a bruise and there about an inch in diameter.  I only have them on my ankles/ shins...
Hi Cindy, The important thing is that you are seeing a doctor about and getting testing.  Continue to keep your doctor updated about it and whether you notice any changes as it's vital to treat it right away when necessary.
Yes, I agree with Teri. It wouldn't hurt to have it checked out. Even your asking about it tells me you have some level of concern. Trust your intuition and see a doctor. Debbie Yes, I agree with Teri. Have it checked out
Running Well: Shin Splints by Amy H. Patient Expert      You may also feel small lumps within the muscles Ø     Pain may be present when you stretch the shin muscles... you are dealing with a running injury.   Shin splints is possibly the most common, and certainly the most well known...
What Are Shin Splints? by Project Swole Patient Expert . Lumps and bumps may be felt when feeling the inside of the shin bone. Redness over the inside... “Shin splints” is a term used to describe the pain felt between the knee and the ankle...
Is it a lump? Is it a boil? it’s a rare skin cancer- news from the National Cancer Institute by ckmiletti Patient Expert and painless, but it had not been there before. When the 57-year-old U.S. Air Force retiree returned home...
Going Painlessly… with a Thera-Gesic Giveaway! by Chic Runner Patient Expert too quickly, it always leads to me feeling pretty crappy to say the least. Achy, pains, shin splints, back problems… BLAH! Not...
Q&A Session at by Alvin B. Lin Medical DoctorHealth Maven I'm taking anabolic steroids and I've noticed to develope gynocomastia in my right nipple today noticed painless lump in right armpit, should I worry? Follow @alvinblin
testing. Breast cancer lumps are usually painless - but if the lump is still there, you shoudl... I had genetic testing after finding a malignant lump and two other areas of calcifications...

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Symptoms ... sometimes a change in appearance of the area, such as a lump or visible change in position of an affected limb. ... » Read on
Diagnosis See your doctor if you notice a lump in your breast, or any change in the appearance, feel, or s ... » Read on