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Dr. Adam Kimowitz, DMD, DMD Denville, New Jersey
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in the left leg close to your knee.  Is that where you got the big lump?  Or is the big lump closer to your b... & punctuation makes it a bit difficult for me to understand your situation.  I assume by "left leg" that you're...
/bladder.  I'm not sure that it matters what leg the horse used to kick you with.  In any case, what's your question regarding the big lump and swollen foot?  If the pain is such that you can't walk or bear weight...
the every night and my legs sometimes both would give me pain up the sides...seems like from Ankles up.  My left let was always worse and I would stop to rub my leg and find the lump...
Two possibilities come to mind immediately, either an infection of a hair follicle (especially common if you shave in that area) known as folliculitis, or a swollen lymph node (or gland) representing (sexually transmitted) in
Hi Cindy, The important thing is that you are seeing a doctor about and getting testing.  Continue to keep your doctor updated about it and whether you notice any changes as it's vital to treat it right away when necessary.
pocket).  On the other hand, painless lumps could be sebaceous cysts or lipomas (fatty deposits... to try loosen up the abdominal fat ( i am skinny )   i noticed  the left side poking out alot...
My Leg Didn’t Fall Off… by Patient Expert well, as of yet that is.  Because…the run was going so well until mile 4, when the lump in my leg...… And then I was officially STARVING.  I had a 1/2 a banana w/ some naturally more pb before I left and had the other half...
Q&A Session at by Alvin B. Lin Medical DoctorHealth Maven I noticed last night laying in bed that on my inner left thigh near the bikini area a lump that is very painful and a swollen. W Follow @alvinblin
Solid Leg by Josh Patient Expert female rat has a huge lump near the back of her leg? I have a female rat and she is about 2 years old now and i'v just discovered a huge lump near the back of her leg, the lump feels hard and solid...
LUMPS AND BUMPS by Helpful Buckeye Doctor of Veterinary MedicineHealth Maven your fingers through their hair...when, suddenly, you feel something firm and unexpected...a lump or a bump....  Sometimes the lump is very visible and sometimes you almost have to rub or squeeze the skin in order to realize...

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Symptoms ... n be affected by KS. KS usually appears on the skin as a small, painless flat area (lesion) or lump. The lumps can appear in man ... » Read on
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