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in between.  My period that came on the 26th of June was early.  I was due to get it around the first of the month. The average length of my cycles is usually 28 days however my period coming June 26th was early...
in an attempt to bring about hormonal sloughing of your endomtrial lining.  The fact that your bleeding started up again is that either you have raw denuded endometrial lining that is prone to bleeding or perhaps you have a thick endometrium...
I cant' answer that because I don't know when you ovulated or what your intercourse timing was...   do you track your ovulation? There can be more than one patch of fertile cervical fluid in any given cycle.  What method did you use to cross check? (Temping, OPK's, montior, ferning sco
at all!. No real period since oct 5th, and I have a 28 day cycle...?. That doesn't seem right... had a "real" period since then. My last period was october 5th.  how do you know when you conceived?  ...
The frequency, volume & flow rate of your menstrual cycle can vary from month to month or it can be as steady as a clock.  It can also change with time and is in fact expected to decrease in frequency, volume & flow rate as y
would be considered that of implantation although it seems a bit early given a perfectly normal period just 2 days prior.    Could spotting be cancer?  Sure, if you're postmenopausal and haven't had a period...
you start a fresh cycle when you start to bleed.  It doesn't matter if you were late in starting and you don't count from when you expected your bleed to start but from the first day of full red flow...
wacky, either very light, or very heavy, in the year before actually being menopaused ie no period....  I go for a few months with no period.  Before that I was hot flashing like crazy.  Now no hot flashes just pain...
, and the browner it will appear.  It's also normal to spot between menses.    Abdominal pain is a bit trickier to consider.  After all, what's painful for you might not be for someone else.  The more important question...

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Complications ... heavy periods (menorrhagia), painful periods (dysmenorrhoea), irregular ... » Read on
Symptoms ... ncy, often two weeks after a missed period, if you have regular periods. The symptoms are described below. ... » Read on