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just noticed your question. have you checked with your doctor about this? anytime there's pain... then I spot for about a week to two then it stops.  I have never had this before.  The pain is horrible...
Natural Health Remedy for Period Pain (Dysmenorrhea) by Sandy H. Healthy Living ProfessionalComplimentary & Alternative Medicine pain. Millions of women suffer with varying degrees of menstrual cramping pains every month and have to take pain medication for it. The new study showed that by taking Pycnogenol the women in the trial...
that has outgrown its blood supply.  An ultrasoud would be helpful to which is which.     Back pain... and responsive to hormones, endometriosis tends to bleed regularly along w/your menses but b/c blood...
.  I take a supplement that helps with muscle pain and stiffness - if you would like to know more about this - please...
Sounds like progesterone side effect.  Progesterone being the last set of hormones in a woman's cycle.  Completely normal
, and the browner it will appear.  It's also normal to spot between menses.    Abdominal pain is a bit trickier... is whether this pain is cyclic or new & different.  In other words, is this pain regularly associated with your menses...
Hi Jelly, There are lots of possible causes for the pain you describe,and some of them are actually quite serious. The best way to find out is to visit your doctor, tell him/her all your symptoms...
I suggest that you take a first response pregnancy test and see what it says...if you are still having symptoms you might want to make an appointment with your OB. Good Luck Sharon LaMothe
brown discharge is usually old blood... when you say abdominal pain... exactly where did you feel it (right side, left side, upper, lower, etc)?
physician w/the above complaints.  Back pain w/vomiting blood, headaches & weakness is not... to help you. Pneumonia can cause back pain.  Plus anyone who coughs hard enough can throw up and break...

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