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Painful Bumps In Armpits

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Any unusual event following surgery should be shown to the surgeon for evaluation.  Please do not trivialize what may be a complication of the surgery, even if it is a few inches away from the surgery site.  Go, immediately,
I never knew itching could be so painful! by Andrea P. Patient Expert jerks. The itching is extremely painful and there doesn't seem to be any reason for it - my skin... could be so painful. The myoclonic jerks have increased in severity and frequency - sometimes more than 7...
nodes - the painful, weeping sores are an indication that something else is going on, most likely... system is fighting something.   You need to go back to see your doctor.  Focus on the bumps/sores...
Reader Question: Should I Have My Lipoma Removed? by Dr. John D. Medical DoctorHealth Maven Reader Question: I went to my doctor and was told I have a Lipoma? What is a Lipoma? Should I have it removed? A lipoma is a noncancerous fatty tumor usually found in the fatty layer under the skin. They grow slo
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A Lipoma Can Get Really Large- Picture Alert by Dr. John D. Medical DoctorHealth Maven A lipoma is not something to be left alone. This Navy career man was told for 17 years by his doctor that this growing mass did not require removal. “It was just a lipoma.” This thing slowly grew to the point at
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, for instance.   Black widow spider bites are often associated w/stomach pain so perhaps the small bumps... Pain in the right lower quadrant is classic for appendicitis but that isn't usually associated...
I suggest you make an appointment with your doctor.
I suggest you make an appointment with your doctor.

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