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have you checked to see if perhaps you have a UTI or some sort of infection?
Is this something that has started recently, Joes, or have you had both the pain and the bowel... nervous system - which can produce a range of physical effects when anxious, a physical cause for the pain...
Hi Jelly, There are lots of possible causes for the pain you describe,and some of them are actually quite serious. The best way to find out is to visit your doctor, tell him/her all your symptoms...
Pain under the left side of your rib cage extending to your belly button could be above the belt... to difficulty breathing. Peptic ulcer could present w/left upper quadrant pain as you described...
which treats symptoms rather than causes, fails to look at the body as a whole, and uses prescription meds or...
I suggest that you take a first response pregnancy test and see what it says...if you are still having symptoms you might want to make an appointment with your OB. Good Luck Sharon LaMothe
, stomach, pancreas, etc to cause pressure & pain in the left lower quadrant.  Bladder infections..., can cause one sided lower abdominal/pelvic pain.  This is known as pelvic inflammatory disease or PID...
Any unusual event following surgery should be shown to the surgeon for evaluation.  Please do not trivialize what may be a complication of the surgery, even if it is a few inches away from the surgery site.  Go, immediately,
Side Cramps by Lee Patient ExpertHealth Maven My side has been giving me problems lately. It is my left side, understandable, but it does get to be troublesome, after awhile. It really starts to bother me after sitting at the computer for awhile...
list of possibilities to explain your pain on the left side of your abdomen.  I would also add diverticulitis...) constipation can cause left-sided abdominal pain.  Trauma leading to splenic rupture presents w/left sided pain...

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