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I blog about computer ergonomics and related pain and injuries, offering easy to understand info... More
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Having been an athlete my entire life, I remember thinking: exercise is work--not fun. It took an... More
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Hunger Pains by drstaceyny .. Doctor of Philosophy Ever think about your first thought following a hunger pang? I can’t be hungry—I just ate.... Despair. I invite you to experiment with honoring your hunger. This is your body working...
hunger pains by stairstepmom Patient Expert Last week was a bit of a blur, like the "chooo chooo"s stumbling from Dawson's lips these days. Parker acquired a huge case of Play-Doh which carried them through the week (and made a Groundhog Day of a mess in
Hunger Pains by Marathon Mommies !. Patient Expert Hi Ladies! Happy mother's day! Just a quick question. Does anyone ever feel hungry on long runs. Not tired or weak but I could eat a cheeseburger hungry. On the last few long runs I have found myself with a hungry, grow
Spinning Hunger Pains by Queenie I just took my second spinning class today. My body always feels so good  the day of my class too. I am full of energy. Able to concentrate. And I sleep like a rock the night of. The only dilema I have is that I feel like I
Dear Mark: Hunger Pangs a Thing of the Past? by Mark S. Healthy Living Professional actually sate hunger more effectively? Funny you should ask, Paul. Your experience is more common... when I wasn’t training. Eventually, the joint pain, respiratory infections, and general unhappiness...
Five Foods That Fight Hunger Pangs by Mark .. Patient Expert is, there are certain foods which can help curb those hunger pangs.  The key is in eating food which are high in water... to fight hunger ...
Hunger Pangs by Romelette L. Patient Expert know if it’s because of my medicine but the hunger pangs are increasing nowadays...
“How I Achieved Weight Loss, Pain Relief and New Zest for Life With a 10-Day Juice Cleanse” by Tera W. Patient Expert be better, and was scared of my hunger pains and how I would manage or transform my admittedly disordered... since I was 12 years old. I have experienced severe joint pain, airborne allergies to fragrance and immune...
The Hunger Strike That Wasn't by Jennifer Jaff Patient Expert year old girl with complex regional pain syndrome. She's been all over the world for treatments... -- too much for Medicaid. He has no health insurance. He's in terrible pain, and at times, he can't speak. He needs...
pain, fear, and other toughies by Dr. Johanna Marie McShane Doctor of PhilosophyHealth Maven here- and I do remember that Wendy and Andi have questions about hunger and interpreting hunger, and I totally want to speak to those, so I'll do that tomorrow. For tonight, though... There's a great deal of pain floating...

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Symptoms ... stomach pain, and a fruity smell on your breath, wh ... » Read on
Symptoms ... stomach pain, and a fruity smell on your breath, wh ... » Read on