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Mellanie H. Decatur, Texas
Mellanie True Hills is CEO of ( As an atrial... More
I'm trained as an occupational physician (OP) and worked in that field for 14 years. Then I... More
mcintron California
I 'm the Senior Pastor of New Horizon Church and the President and founder of Horizon Counseling... More
Jenna Smith California
Noted author and reporter shares tips to overcome Lyme disease, and enjoy super-charged energy... More
Lucy__Scot California
Being pretty has never been this easy. Take for example the websites with tutorials on home-made... More

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I am not a physician and can only suggest that you get medical opinions from those medical providers who know, and know about, this person.       I am not a physician and I can only suggest that you get medical opinions f
Prolonged PR Interval on EKG Warns of Atrial Fibrillation Risk, Pacemaker, or Death by Mellanie H. Patient Expert sign for three heart rhythm issues—the risk of atrial fibrillation, the need for a pacemaker... be a warning about the patient’s atrial fibrillation risk, need for a pacemaker, or even death. Learn...
Real Radiation Exposure Risk in Americans by Yusuf Saleeby Medical DoctorFacebook some risks inherent to ionizing radiation exposures during daily life activities and during radiological.... If you are in a high risk area it may be worth you while to have your home checked for this gas. Even the food we eat...
Engineered Biological Pacemakers by rhythm or arrhythmia. While effectively improving the lives of many patients, implantable pacemakers have significant limitations such as limited power sources, risk of infections, potential for interference...
Very Low Health Risks from Full-Body X-ray Scanners by FDA  pose any health risks. However, FDA Engineer Daniel Kassiday says, "The dose from one screening with a general-use X-ray security screening system is so low that it presents an extremely small risk...
EBR Systems and Cambridge Consultants Developed First Wireless Pacing System–Pacemakers Without Leads And Wireless All Con by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven surgery brings a high level of additional risk.  The leads are also suspected to be one of pacemakers... One of the riskiest components of a pacemaker are the leads, the series of wires led through key...
What is a Pacemaker? by ShapeUp .. GURA, MSN, RN: Implanting a pacemaker has very little risks associated...ANNOUNCER: Everyone has heard of pacemakers, but most people don't know what an important role...
What is the role of magnet in pacemaker evaluation ? by Dr. Sangareddi V. Medical Doctor Every pacemaker has  a metallic “Reed switch” . Putting this switch on and  off is possible... functions as asynchronous mode.In other words  pacemaker converts to a mandatory  pacing mode .All  sensing...
What Is The Risk Factor For Sudden Death in Patients With Myotonic Dystrophy? by Ng Peng Hock Patient Expert who have normal ECG, while those with atrial (upper) chamber arrthymias had a 5 times higher risk. The researchers had identified the risk factors that predict a high risk of sudden death in people with myotonic...
Do medical devices put patients at risk for harm? by DLeyva Registered Nurse Agency ( MHRA ) in the UK perform the same regulatory oversight. So who might be at risk? Well, medical devices can be anything from plaster to a pacemaker. Bascially just about anything foreign to the body...

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Treatment ... rial fibrillation returning. Pacemaker Another possibility is ... » Read on
Introduction ... causing 'drooped' beats. It can cause dizziness and sometimes a pacemaker is needed. ... » Read on