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Oxytocin Uses

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Strapples Palatine, Illinois
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Better Mothering Through Oxytocin? by Linda MacDonald Glenn Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth Maven Oxytocin may attain more visibility in both hormonal and behavioral therapy in the near future... and socializing behavior. Only mildly surprising is the effect of administered oxytocin on males as well...
Oxytocin, ergometrine & prostaglandins - drugs given in labor - reduce breastfeeding rates? by AtYourCervix Patient Expert of breastfeeding with intramuscular opioids and epidurals. Oxytocin and ergometrine in the third stage of labor... between 6% and 8% at 48 hours, the researchers note. "Retrospective observational studies are useful...
Useful Drinking Tips for the Holiday Season by Nirmala N. Red wine is the best libation to go for if you want to drink, but anything after a couple glasses pretty much cancels out the benefits. Go for organic when possible--they have less chemicals and additives. Choose p
I think you might be in the wrong section of Wellsphere -- how is this an ethics question?
Execs and oxytocin by Sam .. Patient ExpertComplimentary & Alternative Medicine :// Oxytocin, the "cuddle hormone", has taken over .. reads one line in the article!! I'm still awash with the good effects of oxytocin*.  My cuddly...
Effects of intranasal oxytocin on social anxiety in males with fragile X syndrome by Kev Leitch Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth Maven There have been a few papers in the recent past on oxytocin and autism. Oxytocin is a hormone...-like symptoms. As such, it isn’t surprising that someone has looked into oxytocin and Fragile-X. This study...
Chronic Intranasal Oxytocin Causes Long-Term Impairments in Partner Preference Formation in Male Prairie Voles by Kev Leitch Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth Maven much here at LBRB is oxytocin. Some of the studies on oxytocin and autism have been, well, odd...: Here is the abstract: BACKGROUND: Oxytocin (OT) is a hormone shown to be involved in social bonding in animal models...
The Dark Side of Oxytocin by Ed H. Doctor of Pharmacy For a hormone, oxytocin is pretty famous. It’s the “cuddle chemical” — the hormone that helps mothers bond with their babies. Salespeople can buy oxytocin spray on the internet, to make their clients...
Research on the role of oxytocin... by Thomas Z. Ramsøy Doctor of Philosophy Research on the role of oxytocin, a neuropeptide, in social cognition has generated much interest during the last few years. We have earlier written about oxytocin’s role in social attachment...
Cesareans and Oxytocin by Kathryn H. Patient Expert moms may make up for it ( it being the release of oxytocin ) later with normal cuddling and hugging... with short maternity leave?  Shouldn't doctors explain the role of oxytocin during the birth process...

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How it works ... n the breast. When the baby touches the breast a hormone called oxytocin is released, beginning a process known as milk let-down ... » Read on
Treatment Multi-disciplinary treatment Due to the challenging nature of complex regional ... » Read on