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Oxytocin Release

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Exploring the release of the hor ... by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven , assistant clinical professor of psychiatry at UCSD. In humans, oxytocin is released during hugging... Exploring the release of the hormone to potentially see if there can be any impact with emotional...
Premature Release of Membranes at 32 weeks--success story by Carol Yeh-Garner Patient ExpertHealth Maven . When they were administering the oxytocin/pitocin, as crazy as it sounds, I could feel myself not releasing, I told my husband...Premature release of membranes at 32 weeks--a HypnoBirthing success story This is an inspiring...
Cesareans and Oxytocin by Kathryn H. Patient Expert moms may make up for it ( it being the release of oxytocin ) later with normal cuddling and hugging... of the "love hormone" oxytocin. Oxytocin is released during active labor and delivery. It's...
Mother’s voice lowers cortisol, boosts oxytocin by Dr. John Z. Medical Doctor cortisol lowered significantly. “It was understood that oxytocin release in the context of social bonding... perspective, the new understanding of oxytocin release helps explain the popularity of tearjerker long...
Random Thoughts on Migraine Headaches, Oxytocin, and Mind-Reading by Dr. B G Doctor of Pharmacy /releases/2012/07/120730094909.htm  [Siri Leknes interview] Oxytocin enhances pupil dilation and sensitivity to 'hidden' emotional... holes into skull to release the pressure and pulsation). If I had severe head pain I'd...
Better Mothering Through Oxytocin? by Linda MacDonald Glenn Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth Maven Oxytocin may attain more visibility in both hormonal and behavioral therapy in the near future, following a recently released essay discussing the effects of the hormone itself and of regulator chemicals...
Anti-Stress, Growth, Healing, Well-being and Oxytocin -- Recent Research and Hypotheses by Dr. B G Doctor of Pharmacy induces sleep 1. Oxytocin fosters generosity Animals Release Oxytocin... to Oxytocin? 'He [Edward O. Wilson, Harvard evolutionary biologist] called this state the “hunter’s trance...
PRESS RELEASE – Pills Don’t Teach Skills Announces Book Release by Jeff H. Patient ExpertHealth Impact Award FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Vancouver, October 18, 2010: Pills Don’t Teach Skills today announced the release of the book Pills Don’t Teach Skills by Jeff Hamilton, a Personal Story of Overcoming...
Small Study Recruiting People with MS and Spasticity to Compare IPX056 (Extended-release Baclofen) and Immediate-release Baclofe by stuart Patient Expert comparing the effect of the experimental compound IPX056 (extended-release baclofen) to currently available, immediate-release baclofen in relieving spasticity and symptoms related to MS. The study is sponsored...

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How it works ... n the breast. When the baby touches the breast a hormone called oxytocin is released, beginning a process known as milk let-down ... » Read on
How it works ... By inserting needles into your body's meridians, it can help to release any blockages in the energy flow. It also helps to resto ... » Read on